Meet the Malaysian Fire Snail That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s always fascinating to see different species from all over the world. Where many of us are used to common garden snails, Malaysia is home to the Fire Snail, or Platymma tweediei.

All mollusks are interesting and beautiful in their own way, but the Fire Snail exudes rock star vibes.

With its bright red body and dark black shell, this snail is quite the looker! It’s the largest snail in Malaysia, and coveted by people who enjoy collecting mollusks. We can see why!

Here it is hanging out in a lovely patch of dirt.

That being said, fire snails are also quite rare. Malaysia is their native and only home, and they live in cold, humid areas.

Generally, the live in a part of the country that is 1000 meters (or 3280 feet) above sea level, and only in a particular 100 km (about 66 mile) expanse.

They may look intimidating, but they get on well with other friendly types of snails.

Unfortunately, Fire Snails are often removed from their habitat so people can collect them.

Their shells are often used to make jewelry. Fire Snail secretions, and that of other snails, are also a popular makeup and skincare ingredient.

Snails need to get enough calcium in their environment to develop their shells.

Plus, snails are known for preferring humid or damp environments regardless of what type they are.

They’re easy targets for collectors because they are so slow.

This is a fascinating snail, and it’s no wonder that some people want to collect it despite the challenges.

What other different or rare snails have you heard of? Let’s share our love for cute mollusks in the comments!