Meet These Sheep That Look Exactly Like Stuffed Animals

Image Credit: Instagram

There are so many delightful animals in the world. I swear, I haven’t seen even half of them, because there are new-to-me adorable floofs always popping up.

Like these Valais Blacknose sheep (Walliser Schwarznasenschaf in German).


These are domestic sheep that originated in the Valais region of Switzerland, and their black faces, ears, and long spiral horns are unmistakable.


They’ve also got black patches on their knees, hocks, and feet.


Basically, they look like they belong stuffed on your bed and not grazing in a field.


Valais Blacknose sheep are extremely friendly – they seem to love people, and the attention we give them.


Basically they’re the cutest sheep in the world, and after reading this post and scrolling through the pictures, I dare you to argue with me!


I’ve never wanted a sheep, and tbh, I assume these still smell like a regular sheep, so I still don’t.


But man, are they adorable to look at or what?


If I was going to get a sheep, it would definitely be one of these.


Who knows, maybe with everything that’s going on in the world (and my life), chucking it all and being a sheep farmer might be the answer!


It’s something to think about, anyway.

If you want more of these guys, check out this New Zealand Facebook page.

You’re welcome!