Men Reveal What It’s Like Working in Women-Dominated Workplaces

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We hear a lot about male-dominated professions and industries, many of which got that way through an explicit culture of exclusion that’s had ripple effects throughout history.

Rarely do you hear about the flip-side of that experience: the jobs where men are in the minority.

Which jobs are these, exactly, and how does it play out? These anonymous guys are here to fill us in.

10. “The only downside”

I’d say that’s more of a life skill you need to hone, my dude.

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9. “I’m shocked”

Turns out people kind of suck across the board.

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8. “Lol”

Sounds a little bit creepy my guy but ok.

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7. “F**k gender roles!!!”

Nobody tells ME how to teller.

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6. “Sadly, I still can’t communicate”

Bro, tell me about it.

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5. “I’m belittled by women daily”

I don’t think that negates the overall systemic issues but I get it, that must suck.

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4. “My girlfriend doesn’t trust me”

Methinks he doth protest too much?

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3. “The lowest paid.”

“No, discrimination isn’t just towards women.”

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2. “It’s difficult”

We all just kind of can’t stand each other, huh?

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1. “Sometimes I wish…”

Gotta find a bro, bro.

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Guess it goes to show that no matter where you work, no matter what the environment is, no matter your identity…we all just really don’t want to be there and would like to go home now, please.

Have you ever had a workplace experience like this?

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