People Reveal What Sisterly Love is Really All About

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I have two sisters. I’m right in the middle – spaced an even 2 years apart. Suffice it to say I spent a lot of my childhood getting yelled at for playing Barbie “wrong.”

But sisterly love can be a powerful thing – as these anonymous folks will tell with their real life stories.

14. The VIP experience

A huge purchase, but might just be totally worth it.

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13. The surrogate

That’s an awful big thing to do for somebody.

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12. Stop bullying

Strange how these things work out sometimes.

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11. The bad mom

The things some people have to step up and do are just remarkable.

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10. Her first dress

The moments that are really gonna matter.

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9. Song for the dumped

And I would fly 500 miles and I would fly 500 more…

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8. Her first year

A real hero.

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7. The donation

Amazing that this can even be done, really.

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6. The pick-me-up

May he never get another chance.

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5. The teacher

Don’t mess with her, man.

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4. The treatment

Showing that solidarity.

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3. Out to Utah

Get ’em out of there immediately.

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2. The big shave

See what I mean?!

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1. Looking like a super model

I’m not sure that will stop the bullies being superficial but still – cool!

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And that’s what it’s like to have a (really good) sister. Few things better in this world.

Do you have siblings? What are they like?

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