10 Thoughts From People Who Know What it Really Is to Be Homeless

It’s a terrifying thing to not have a home. Not just not having a place to technically call your own, but literally not having shelter from the elements.

There’s a huge list of implications that go along with it. Your access to every necessity is substantially reduced not just by lack of funds, but by lack of a place to put everything, including yourself.

Here, in there own words, are some anonymous contributors to share their perspectives on the experience.

10. “I don’t know how I didn’t die”

“I’ll never forget the constant fear.”

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9. “Ate like a king”

I’m not sure random bites counts as “kingly,” but I’m glad you found a good strategy.

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8. “A huge accomplishment”

The bar really moves once you know what the other side is like.

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7. “Not many people know”

Don’t assume anything about anyone’s past.

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6. “I don’t want to go back”

It’s a form of PTSD, sounds like.

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5. “I still get excited about lying down”

It’s the little things in life you learn to treasure.

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4. “I absolutely hate it”

I’ve heard it said that if you want to know the upside of capitalism, visit a supermarket.
If you want to know the downside, visit the supermarket’s dumpsters.

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3. “I never told anyone”

So many people survive out of their cars for a stretch of time.

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2. “The bank”

What an incredible feeling it must be.

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1. “There was a blizzard”

Hey, that’s one way to do it.

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It’s a stark reminder to be compassionate.

Have you had an experience with homelessness?

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