12 People Share Their Most Cringe-worthy Neighbor Encounters

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The great Robert Frost famously wrote “Good fences make good neighbors,” and regardless of your poetic interpretation, I think we can all agree there is wisdom in that statement.

Whether it’s because a good fence keeps your dog in or your neighbor’s cat out, sometimes it can be nice to have a barrier for when those awkward encounters arise.

Here are the 12 cringiest moments between neighbors.

1. Learn to choose your moment, man

Now is NOT the time.

My house was completely engulged in flames and the neighbor offered an amount to buy my land... like, MID FIRE. Some people have no chill.

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2. If you mess with my pet, you mess with me

Who could do that to an animal?!

I caught my neighbor trying to feed my cat antifreeze. Let's just say things got real ugly after that.

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3. But you have to give people an inch, too

Accidents happen, after all.
And some people are just CLUMSY. (Me. I am clumsy.)

I fell down the stairs and almost landed on my neighbor's dog. She got pissed and walked back into her place while I crawled up the stairs again. She truly hates me.

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4. When you really just wanted to be chill

And you get more than you bargained for.

My neighbor offered me a blunt, so we smoked outside together. It was cool! That was until his wife was knocking on my door asking if I'm banging her husband... um, what??

5. Sometimes you don’t want to run into people you know


Discovered that our neighbors are swingers... when we saw them at a swingers club. It's going to be very uncomfortable until our lease is up!

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6. Sometimes people don’t have good people skills

And you just really don’t know what to do about it.

My neighbor started flirting with me in his own creepy way. He's 70 and I'm just 18. I'm also a dude.

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7. Whatcha gotta go spreading rumors for?

Such a strange thing to say about someone.

Worst neighbor moment: when she told the other neighbro that I go out in the middle of the night and dance/chant in the backyard so I must be the devil.... I'm scared of thed ark and my other neighbor knows it.

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8. What’s your business is your business

And discretion is the better part of valor, and other sayings.

My neighbors caught me crossdressing in my lingerie. Still scared that they will tell my wife one day.

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9. So very awkward

But sometimes people need a helping hand.

We caught my old neighbor watering her front yard in her underwear. She also usedto call the suicide hotline and the cops kept mistaking our house for hers during the wellness checks.

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10. We will never speak of this again

Now that’s how you offer a helping hand.

My dog had an emergency potty break after I had a shower. Rushed him outside and followed. Huge wind blew away my towel. My neighbor returned my towel.

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11. Maybe it makes the job easier, you don’t know

Let the man live his best life.

I once saw my skinny grandpa-looking neighbor in a red thong pulling weeds in his back yard. Can't look at that man the same...

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12. Gross. Just add your neighbors on Facebook

And then hide them like everyone else.

My neighbor added me on Snapchat. He's 47 and I'm 18. Um... can I move now?

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Those are all pretty awkward and make you wonder why we ever speak to our neighbors at all. What’s your most awkward neighbor moment? Tell us in the comments!