Men, What Will Women Never Understand? Here’s What Guys Had to Say.

Guys, guys, guys…it’s time to come clean.

The question AskReddit users want to know is what you think women will never understand about men.

And here are the answers! Take a look!

1. We need more!

“How long compliments stick with us.

We remember forever because we rarely get them.”

2. Important stuff.

“It’s not just shrinkage. Guys don’t have two sizes: soft and hard.

Depending on what kind of underwear we’re wearing, the temperature, how we’re sitting, time of day, our mood, it can be soft and still look impressive like a shower, or, yes, like sometimes we don’t even want to look at it.

B**ers also have “two modes” so to speak. Regular hard, and maximum overb**er. Like it’s too powerful for its own good.”

3. Unpleasant.

“Balls basically just sticky hand to your leg on a hot day.

Like a fried egg nailed to the wall.”

4. Good luck to you…

“Trying to pee with an e**ction.

The harder it gets, the harder it gets.”

5. Okay…

“Sometimes I want to hold my balls when I’m relaxing.

I’m not ging to m**turbate right im front you.”

6. Beware.

“How sensitive testicles can be.

Sure, you sack-tapped me last weekend and I didn’t feel a thing, but when you grazed me 2 seconds ago you hit JUST the right spot, and brought me to the floor.

It just happens.”

7. Be sure not to eat it.

“Autographing snow.

I yelled at my husband for repeatedly peeing his name in the snow in our backyard, so he peed my name so it looked like I did it.”

8. Intimidated.

“People being afraid of me because I’m a big guy.

I can give off an intimidating aura so if I’m walking behind a woman, she is often looking over her shoulder every now and then. I try to make a show of tying my shoe or slowing down so she gets some more distance. Sometimes I’ll cross the road.

I know why they are afraid of me. And I don’t blame them in the slightest. It just hurts sometimes is all.”

9. The way it goes.

“I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name.

Best friend I ever had.

We still never talk sometimes.”

10. Just thinking…

“Our silence has nothing to do with you.

Most of the time we’re just trying to figure stuff out.”

11. Keep it all inside.

“Men get our heads bit off for having the wrong emotional response to situations all the time.

Why are you surprised we don’t want to talk about our feelings?”

12. LOL.

“That we have no control over what we do in a woman’s dream and they should not get mad at us for what we did.”

13. Lonely.

“How incredibly lonely men can be.

It’s Saturday night and I have no plans as usual.”

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