12 Millennials Share Their Dark Jokes About Retirement

Image Credit: Pixabay

Millennials have been trying for years to get older generations to listen to the truth about how hard life can be for them: jobs are scarce, they don’t pay nearly enough to cover average student loan payments, and living at home with their parents is just sad after a while.

Luckily, millennials are also pretty good at a self-effacing and sarcastic brand of humor that plays really well on Twitter, so please enjoy these 12 “jokes” that won’t leave you feeling at all warm and fuzzy about the future plans of a generation.

12. There’s a progression there.

11. You just have to wait out, well…you know.

10. It might be our only hope.

9. Shoot for the moon, I guess.

8. This seems like a legit plan.


7. Even the people in the mountains could bet on that.

6. I hope she stored those things in plastic bags.


5. Your resume is gonna look soooo good.


4. Oooh what river? Is there a view?

3. There’s going to be even more ocean to explore.

2. Eh, why bother? I feel that.


1. Time for the Baby Boomers to prove they’re as great as they say.

I fall right on the cusp of this generation and I’ve gotta say…I feel this. Who can worry about the future when I’m wasting time worrying about living until my next paycheck now?

Not millennials.

How about you? Can you relate? Are you good at saving? Tell us your secrets below!