This Mom Was Shamed at Disneyland for Breastfeeding…But the Internet Backed Her up in a Big Way

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It seems like there is a breastfeeding incident that goes viral every couple months and gets people all riled up. Now we have another flashpoint, and it took place at what’s supposed to be the happiest place in the world: Disneyland.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Disneyland

A mom named Brittni Medina was with her family at the famous theme park in southern California when her 10-month-old son needed to be fed. So Medina did what she had to do. She breastfed her son while waiting in line. Two women observing Medina’s behavior obviously weren’t pleased, so the mama took a pic of herself with the peeved ladies in the background and shared it on Facebook with an explanation.

Those ladies in the background really do look pissed. People immediately came to the defense of Medina in support of her actions.

Photo Credit: Twitter, e3amanda3

Photo Credit: Twitter, Shananon84

Medina posted an update about the great support she received.

The viral photo and responses even reached the ladies scowling in the background.

Cheers to the folks who stood up for this mother who was just taking care of her son.

h/t: Distractify