Mom’s Easy Self-Serve Snack Shelf Idea Can Help Parents Everywhere

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Squared.one

You’ve had a long day and are dying to sit and watch Grey’s Anatomy. You click on the tube and around the corner you hear, “Mom, I’m hungry. Can I have a snack?” Your body tenses and you drag your butt to the kitchen to prepare something for the kiddos.

Exhausting, right? Maybe not any more. A blogger recently posted a terrific idea for working parents and honestly, we’re wondering why we didn’t think of it!

OMG, what?? That looks too easy! And it is. She explains:

“Sunday self-serve is ready for the week. ?????? After grocery shopping I always wash and prep all of the food that is considered self-serve in our house. Self-serve for my kiddos means help yourself without asking and it’s always an okay snack (any time of day, bedtime snacks, etc.) It also helps me when I’m packing lunches and snacks, or as a side dish when dinner doesn’t include something they will definitely eat or if we have a busy/late night. There’s something about having things truly ready to grab that makes kids eat it. I could leave the baby carrots in a bag or leave the grapes on the stems but they wouldn’t eat it. ??‍♀️??‍♀️”

Just think: 20 minutes on a Sunday, and your week is saved! Maybe you could get in 2 episodes of Grey’s per night!

And the best part? These snacks are totally healthy for kids.

But before you go ordering from Amazon or running to Target, be sure to measure your refrigerator shelves so you can get jars that fit. And the cost? No sweat. You can get many sizes of containers online, at Costco, or even the Dollar Store!

And see what the Eager Teacher did on the bottom shelf? Plastic cups. Boom.

So kick back and relax moms and dads, your weekly snacks are covered.