Mom’s New Nickname for Her Non-Binary Child is the Ultimate Lesson in Supportiveness

Photo Credit: Twitter

Studies show that more and more young people are identifying as trans or non-binary, which is likely a testament to how normalized these identities are becoming. But life is still really hard for queer and trans youth. Having a supportive family makes all the difference.

That’s why people are literally sobbing over this very sweet text message from a non-binary Twitter user’s mother.

Twitter user Karuna or @blondbutch says their mother has called them “baby girl” for most of their life. When they came out as non-binary, both of them began experimenting with gender-neutral replacements for the lifelong nickname.

That’s already a sweet enough story, but look at the most recent solution.


“Hey baby goat,” their mom wrote in a very Mom-esque “thinking of you” text.

BABY GOAT! There’s a goat emoji and everything!

There’s a lot to love about this screenshot. Karuna’s mom seamlessly integrates the new nickname into this already loving text, and you can just tell that being supportive of her kid’s identity comes naturally to her. It’s enough to bring tears to a lot of people’s eyes.

Also, Baby Goat is just an adorable nickname.

Karuna spoke to ScaryMommy about their mom’s reaction to going viral.

“She was shocked and a little bit giddy. We both were. She was also touched that the tweet got so many heartfelt loving responses. We were talking last night and she commented on how the reason it went viral is probably because it’s really rare for parents to fully support their LGBT kids and a lot of people find comfort knowing accepting moms are out there.”

May all parents of non-binary kids find a nickname as cute and accepting as this!