Movie Theaters Are Using Their Blank Marquees to Entertain the Public

Image Credit: Twitter

Recent complications and you know, everyone having to stay at home for extended periods of time, have meant that movie theaters and concert venues all over the country – and the world – have had blank marquees.

More than a few of them have decided to put them to work making people laugh, and I’ve gotta say, there are some clever people with time on their hands!

Below are 15 pretty hilarious marquee signs that remind people of the movies…but remind them that staying home is the best course of action.

15. Too bad Zorro’s mask only covers his eyes.

Fail, handsome masked man.


14. They want you to see good movies, even if it’s at home.

I need to put this one on my list.

13. Very clever!

I bet this person is very good at hashtag games.


12. Hopefully it won’t be forever.

I’m so tired of cooking, y’all.

11. I feel this deep in my soul.

But I never want to see the movie.


10. I wonder whether there will be any candy left.

Better Jerry eat it than the mice, I suppose.

9. Sadly, I think this means they might be closed for awhile.

Too long, for sure.

8. Hahaha maybe a little too on the nose.

I can’t believe people WANT to watch Contagion in this climate!

7. These aren’t funny, but they are poignant.

I do love a good quote.


6. I love their idea of “Not Showing” signs.

Those sound like pretty lame movies, anyway.

5. Back to the Future quote for the win!

If only we could go back to 2015.


4. A healthy dose of optimism is welcome right now.

I sincerely hope they make it through this.

3. Just a quick note of solidarity.

I really, really hope these places will be there waiting for us on the other side.

2. This seems like it would be a good song.

Okay, maybe not good, but relevant.

1. Yes, yes, we’ll do that.

But not forever, okay?

Listen, I love going to the movies. It’s like church, for me – I like to go alone, in the morning, maybe sneak in some food. Bliss.

Where’s the first place you plan on going once you decide a public foray is safe? Tell us in the comments!