People Love This Librarian’s Twitter Thread of Things She’s Learned Over the Years

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Listen, anyone who works face-to-face with the public is bound to learn a thing or two about people, whether they’re trying to or not. Some of it is amusing, some of it is profound, some of it isn’t memorable at all, but here’s the thing – we could all use a little more insight into one another these days, don’t you think?

Which is why this Twitter thread, written by Scottish librarian @grumpwitch, has garnered so much attention.

They began with a few simple things: young people can’t read non-digital clocks, and many people can’t spell the world ‘library.’


The second one doesn’t surprise me much, just based on how many people say library.

Then, the more surprising news that many younger people don’t understand how libraries work at all, the that some genres are so similar libraries stock double titles so one can be shelved in each section.

I did not know that.

Computers will tell you whether or not you’ve checked out a book before, so no need to devise your own system…and, you know. Maybe don’t expect doors to open for you, but be happy when they do.

That is some kind of commend on our society, though I’m not sure exactly what to make of it.

Libraries are there for everyone, but they are especially helpful for disabled people, and older people, who apparently consume books like thirtysomething moms consume wine.

I can’t wait until I’m old and can read a book a day. How delightful.

These next few seem like absolute insanity, and I can’t believe it happens all that often.

I mean, I can, but seriously, so much has changed so fast.

And of course, the man doesn’t cut anyone a break.

The people who can least afford the trouble get more than their share.

It also doesn’t surprise me that other people try to pass off their job to someone else.

Because we all know librarians will do what they can, and that they chose their job because they’re passionate about it.

Libraries aren’t quiet anymore! I knew this because I take my young kids, but it’s nice to know it’s not expected.

You can also come and not do anything at all, so expect to see all types of people hanging out.

I guess branching out isn’t for everyone.

Funding depends on how many people come in and out the door.

And they lose people to “fancier” places all the time – and therefore, funding and jobs.

In fact, the unpaid workload is huge, and often still not enough.

Like teachers, a lot of the materials are paid for out of pocket.

Both of these little tidbits are super gross, but aren’t all that shocking.

Just one more reason to love old ladies!

Yes, they do really want to know what you thought of that book!

They sort of play favorites…

And there’s no type of child that’s annoying to them.

They get excited to watch their patrons grow up.

But don’t ever deny them coffee. Amen.

Everyone loved this thread, and with one simple correction (authors usually don’t get paid to go to bookstores, either), book people have been sharing it like crazy.

What’s your favorite tidbit that you learned? Share with us in the comments!