Museums Are Fighting to See Which One Has the Best Butt in Their Collection

Museums generally have a reputation for being stuffy and, quite frankly, a little boring. You might imagine that the people who work there are also quiet, reserved and not very exciting or entertaining.

Well, apparently, we all could not be more wrong in our assessment of museums and museum staffers. Case in point: Museum curators are going toe-to-toe to see who has the best butt in their collection.

Yep, the best butt, you read that right. You see, museums have sculptures, paintings, drawings, models and costumes from various eras and geographic locations. And sometimes these artifacts or works of art depict naked butts.

Here’s the tweet that started this whole competition. It’s all part of what’s known as the #CuratorBattle, which is a friendly (and usually funny) social media activity for museums.

Of course, that is the museum equivalent of shots fired. Other museum curators and social media managers just had to chime in — to defend themselves, of course!

This drunken fish butt statute is pretty good, we have to say.

Someone even submitted a picture of a stuffed tapir, whose poor bum appears to have been rubbed raw:

Another magnificent bum, this one in a suite of armor:

Here’s a really, really good representation of a sumo butt:

And here’s a historic postcard that prominently features a bum (waterskiing, no less):

Do you think it’s appropriate for museums to be tweeting about butts? Yes or no? Why or why not? Would your kids find this funny?

We’d love to hear from you!

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