Employee Steals From Own Museum To Call Out Lack Of Security

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Don’t you hate when upper management dismisses your legitimate concerns?

One supervisor at a museum decided she must take documents, er, matters into her own hands, after her warnings about the serious lack of security go unheard.

It’s all detailed in this Tumblr thread and it’s magnificent.

Because who hasn’t dream of robbing a museum to prove a point?

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But this guy is caught in a frustrating situation.

What else could she do?

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15-minutes later… point made!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

The lack of security at a museum that’s responsible for millions of dollars worth of artifacts and documents was pretty appalling and probably quite evident to thieves who might be casing places like galleries and museums just looking for valuables to steal and sell later.

It would only take a criminal a few minutes to take total advantage of a scenario like this one and then we would’ve lost valuable pieces of history for a very long time.

Have ever been in a work situation where you had to go to drastic measures to get anyone to listen to you? Maybe it involved workplace safety or an efficiency issue.

If so, let us know about it in the comments!