8 Mysteries That Might Be Unsolved but Everyone Knows Who Did It

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Ah, human rights laws and evidence. Just arrest these people already. I mean, we already know they did it.

These high profile crimes may be unsolved as of today, but come on…

Scroll through our evidence and armchair detective work and see if you don’t agree. Some people just look guilty!

1. Kristin Smart

Presumed to have been abducted and killed at the end of her freshman year of college, May 25, 1996, on the campus of California Polytechnic State University. Another student, Paul Flores was the last person to see her.

Unfortunately, he was less than forthcoming about their encounter. His story changed frequently, especially when cadaver dogs picked up a scent on his mattress and he was questioned about his black eye.

2. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Simpson, 34, was the ex-wife of football star O.J. Simpson. In 1994, she and her friend, Ron Goldman, were found stabbed to death outside of her residence. O.J. was taken into custody and charged for their murders. After a sensational trial, he was acquitted. Later, he was found liable for the murders in civil court which doesn’t require proof beyond a reasonable doubt. O.J. was almost giddy about the outcomes and swore finding the real killer would be his “primary goal”. In his free time, O.J. likes to play golf and sign autographs.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

3. Patricia Adkins

Adkins was having an affair with a married man and had lent him almost $100,000 over the time they were together.

She told family and friends she and her boyfriend were going camping in Canada. She was never seen again.

The boyfriend had a flimsy alibi, but the good ol’ boy was cleared only on his word and his name was never released by the police.

4. Dupont de Ligonnes

When an entire family of five, including their dogs, is murdered and buried under a terrace, the only person who is missing is the husband and dad, his suicidal emails are found and bullets, shovels and trash bags are purchased by him, it stands to reason he’s guilty.

However, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is still missing and was never charged.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

5. Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos

Gone missing in 2004 and in 2003, respectively, the young men were arrested by the same Deputy Steve Calkins.

Deputy Calkins said he dropped both men off at a Circle K.

They haven’t been seen since.

6. Kristine Kupka

Kupka was a pregnant and single Brooklyn college student when she went missing in 1998.

Her professor and father of her baby, Darshanand “Rudy” Persaud, wanted her to have an abortion.

He was also the last person to see her alive.

7. Susan Powell

Her husband Josh Powell did it and should have been arrested immediately, but his family members chose to lie for him.

He’s dead now, along with his two small sons who he also killed when he hit them repeatedly with a hatchet and burned them alive.

8. Sherese Walker Bingham

She was shot with her own gun which was found at the scene. Her husband was having an affair and even owned property with his mistress.

Detectives have been unable to gather enough evidence to charge him.

Everyone has a right to due process, but sometimes we collectively want to throw our hands up and say WHAT??

Unfortunately, these victims haven’t had justice properly served. But investigation methods are improving more each day and we hold out hope that the families of these women and men will one day finally get the answers they so desperately want.