That One Time a Rainbow Cake Recipe Reminded Us All to Never, Ever Read the Comments

It was a simple recipe: A cake with rainbow numbers inside of it. Posted rather innocuously on the internet, just one more helpful, cute pastry that a regular person would try and fail to make look anything like the picture.

Then the comment section happened.

It started out nicely enough, with an innocent question. But then…the sarcasm arrived.

And, before it was over, insults, curse words, and (somehow) politics had become involved. This is truly one of the most hilariously, fast-devolving examples of why you should never read the comment section.

On anything, apparently. Not even cake recipes are safe.

Unfortunately, the original article seems to have been taken down…but we’ve still got screencaps of the thread. So, please, enjoy this truly special moment for humanity. Though we reach all the way back to 2014 to find it, I think it may help you understand how 2016 turned out the way it did…

Sounds nice and simple, right? Everyone is playing nice. Question asked and answered. But then…

Oh, dear. If you were a REAL baker? Everyone calm down, here. We’re all real bakers where it counts – in our hearts.

I’m not sure what Facebook balls are, but let’s soldier on, shall we?

Very nice, Jeanette, but, as we’re all about to see, it’s too late to put this shitstorm back in its box.

And just like that, politics has entered the conversation. But, wait! 


But can we please get back to the true origins and meaning of the word ‘liberal’? Because this is a recipe about how to bake a rainbow cake and that shit is relevant. 

Rainbow cake recipe. That’s what began this discussion. 

Reel it in, people. Do you want to know how long to freeze the numbers or not? 

If talk about politics offends you, not to worry – we’re about to move on to how modern parenting techniques are going to burn the world down!

Because we all feel great about ourselves when we spend hours arguing with complete strangers online. Right?

Seriously, though…what about the CAKE?

I’m glad we cleared that up, at least. 

Photo Credit: Gifrific

*bangs head on desk*

BTW, here is the real recipe if you’re interest in actually making the cake!