New Jersey City Hall Decided to Renovate and Found Awesome Hidden Details Within

Photo Credit: Pexels

Renovations and construction projects can be a nuisance, but that’s why the Jersey City took advantage of shelter-in-place orders to renovate their city hall.

The city’s government probably expected to make some repairs, but they found some cool things along the way. Mayor Steven Fulop explains:

Let’s take a closer look at what people had to walk on in Jersey City’s city hall.

Photo Credit: Steven Fulop

This grey linoleum floor does the job all right, but it’s kinda meh. Workers removed it and obviously had to get the glue off.

Photo Credit: Steven Fulop

At first glance, this looks sloppy. But a nice polish revealed a hidden treasure!

Photo Credit: Steve Fulop

This beautiful floor looks like a work of art and gives the city hall a more regal touch. Many tweeted replies in response to this new finding.

Many rightfully criticized the decision to cover up this amazing floor.


One person shed some light as to why some gorgeous architectural accents have been covered up over time.


Here’s yet another great explanation that can help us understand what people in the 1960s were thinking.

But others in social media chimed in with findings of their own.

Check out this vivid description.

And here’s yet another treasure found after removing some carpet.


This person replied with another story about what they found as well.

One person summed up this find nicely:

Looks like Jersey City has a popular new find. Architecture fans are probably clamoring with the city already.

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