Study Finds Stay-at-Home-Moms Should Make $160,000 A Year Care For Their Kids

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Any mom (or dad) who stays at home and takes care of the kids – whether she has a source of income from home or not – feels in her bones that she’s working more than one job. She’s on call 24 hours a day, the cleanliness of the house and state of the laundry fall under her purview, as does, often, buying groceries, planning meals, and putting food on the table three times a day (plus snacks).

And she’s not getting paid in anything but snot, hugs, and the occasional thank you.

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Moms have been trying to say for years that there’s no way to put a price on everything they do (and no one is offering to pay them, anyway) but a recent study gives them some serious ammunition when it comes to firing back at people (and sometimes spouses) who just don’t seem to get the stress and pressure they’re under, and the value they provide.

Salary.com puts out a yearly study meant to illustrate the monetary value of stay-at-home parents, and this year it came in at just over $162,500.

Photo Credit: Salary.com

Even though the reward of rearing children can’t actually be measured in dollars and cents, the value of the task can(ish) – that’s what the job market does for all other tasks, and it’s what this study attempts to do. And 160K is a boatload of money, well over the average national salary.

Really, no stay-at-home parent is waiting to be patted on the head and told how much they’re worth in real money. They know how much they’re worth and the value of what they do, even if some people can’t quite seem to grasp the fact.

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That said, if anyone wants to fork over the cash in exchange for me to continue getting through my daily task-list, I’m not going to say no.