NFL Linebacker Wearing a Hot Mic Adorably Searches for His Mom in the Stands, Over and Over Again

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Hey, even big, tough NFL players still love their moms and want to make them proud.

Jerome Baker Jr. is a second-year linebacker with the Miami Dolphins. He played college ball for Ohio State and was taken by the Dolphins in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Recently, Baker had a ticket reserved for his mother Theodora for a game between the Dolphins and the New York Jets in Miami. The linebacker was mic’d up for the game by NFL Films, which is great because they captured both video and audio of Baker trying to find his mom in the stands during the game. Baker spent a good deal of time both trying to locate Theodora in the crowd and telling his teammates about his quest to find her amidst the tens of thousands of spectators at the game.


Baker said he forgot that he was even wearing a microphone during the game against the Jets and that when he watched the whole video of his comments spliced together, he thought it was pretty funny.

“You don’t realize how many times I was saying it, but I was saying it so much. The video made it funnier. If you look at the video, I was clean at one point. Then later on, I had a little bit of dirt on me. Then later on, I was full of dirt. It was like the whole game, I was saying, ‘Where’s my mom? Where’s my mom?’ It was just a funny moment I didn’t realize, but I was definitely looking for my mom a lot.”


Theodora had flown down from her home in Cleveland to visit her son, but Baker wasn’t positive that his mom was going to show up to the game that day.

Watch this whole clip. It’s pretty entertaining and heartwarming.

And make sure to watch until the very end, so you can see what happens.

Now that is just nice, isn’t it?