Non-Americans, What Confuses You About Our Country? People Responded.

I don’t think I’m saying anything too surprising when I say that a lot of Americans don’t know a lot about other countries…and a lot of them don’t seem to care, either.

But I think that’s totally lame!

I love learning about other cultures and other countries.

But what do foreigners think is weird about us…have you ever thought about that before?

Non-Americans talked about what they find weird about the U.S. on AskReddit.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. So weird.

“The fact that swearing is such a big deal and you bleep out everything is so weird.”

2. True.

“Not getting proper holiday time.

More workers need to be in Unions. I joined one a few years ago and I can say they would never put up with that bulls**t.

If the boss tried that, we’d all go on strike and shut the whole operation down.

Once they start hemorrhaging cash, their attitude changes really quickly.”

3. Pretty bad.

“The extreme polarization in politics.

I’m used to having many parties, which gives more nuances. In the US it seems politics became a team sport, and you end up with the “you’re either with us or against us” mentality a lot easier.

I think that is very detrimental for the country, but I guess there’s no realistic way out of that, nor any will from either of your leading parties to do so.”

4. Food.

“After traveling around the globe, I found out many things about society. One thing is true, Americans have large portions.

But another rings true and that’s cost. Food is cheap and plentiful in the US. And many places have amazing tasting food.

I often times will have my meal at the restaurant, then the leftovers for dinner that night, and finally finish it off for lunch the following day.”

5. Lame.

“How difficult it is to get around if you don’t have a car.

Not everywhere, but there are some places that are just impossible.

No footpaths, bike lanes, or decent public transport.”

6. Go big or go home.

“How big some things are.

Big cars, big houses, big fridges, big yards, big pools, big distances between places…


7. Ludicrous.

“TV is hyper commercialized to the point of being completely unwatchable.

Even the news programs report and discuss stories on Starbucks announcing their autumn drinks menu two weeks ahead of schedule.

It’s ludicrous.”

8. A cultural thing.

“People have lunch on their desks. And usually it’s just a snack.

Where I come from, lunch is the most complete meal of the day.”

9. Cowboy style.

“Repo men for vehicles. And bounty hunters.

Mainly the bounty hunters, that’s some cowboy s**t right there.”

10. Gotta do it.

“How tipping is expected no matter what.

Over in the UK you tip for exceptional or good service, it’s something extra.

In American culture it’s expected.”

11. Super strange.

“That you have extremely v**lent shows on daytime TV, but you sensor nudity.

How will a b**b harm you, but st**bing and blood splashing is normal?”

12. Ugh.

“Treating politicians like celebrities.

It’s like a reality TV show.”

What confuses YOU about America?

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