15 Final Movies Scenes That People Say Ruined The Entire Film

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As a writer, I can tell you that ending a story is harder than writing the rest of it. You want to be true to the story and characters, satisfy people, and not totally subvert what you were trying to do the entire time, but here’s the thing – literally everyone will have a different idea of how a tale is supposed to end.

Which essentially boils down to this: there’s no pleasing everyone.

That said, you should end up pleasing most people – and in the case of these 15 movies, folks claim that final scene made the rest of it a heap of crud.

15. It peaked too early.

Justice League.

Fucking Superman gets resurrected and immediately beats the shit out of Steppenwolf.

The conflict was just gone, the heroes had no difficulty after he came in

14. Sometimes happily-ever-after isn’t the best way to go.


It could have been an amazing Sci-fi movie where Jennifer Lawrence was forced to make the same decision Starlord did.

Instead they went happily ever after.

13. The books really are always better.

My Sisters Keeper.

Especially since I read the book. I very nearly threw my remote at the TV I was so fucking pissed

12. Sometimes you just want a character to die.

Spielberg version of War of the Worlds.

Somehow Robbie is still alive and waiting for them in Boston.

Not only did the circumstances make his survival virtually impossible, but his character was so annoying that the twist of him being alive just destroyed all my previous satisfaction in him being deceased

11. Sometimes that twist works, sometimes it doesn’t.

There’s a shitty little movie called The Secret Village.

Kind of a dumb film, but it had a decent build up. A reporter is sent to a village in order to investigate an odd happening in the village… Over the years, the village had suffered repeated infections of Ergot (A fungus that grows on wheat) and while she’s there, she uncovers this twisted cult that is in the town, and it gets a neat paranormal slant to it. and as she investigates more and more the more the cult gets angry and it seems the cult is actually behind the poisonings… And then!!!

ONLY TO FIND OUT IN THE END OF THE GOD DAMN MOVIE, NONE OF THAT SHIT EVER HAPPENED. It turns out Ergot can cause psychosis. She hallucinated ALL the stuff she was investigating. It was just a poor unfortunate village that kept getting poisoned for whatever reason. No ghosts, no cult, fucking nothing.

Fuck that movie.

10. People got jokes.

I thought The Last Airbender movie by M. Knight Shameling was absolutely amazing, but the last 100 minutes or so just completely ruined it for me

9. Wait that was a happy ending?

I Am Legend.

Stupid test audience approved happy ending

8.  It was all over the place.

The very last moment of The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Hey let’s upheave tons of established lore in the last 30 seconds!

The fuck was that?!

7. It has to make sense.

War of the worlds…the whole family was fine in their house, and the son was there, even though he ran into a war zone, and he was wearing the same clothes…Wtf!

6. Came right out of left field.

The ending of pay it forward when that idiot kid stabbed haley joe osmet.

5. You can always just turn it off.


Loved the premise and seeing Hancock start as this sarcastic, alcoholic, and bitter hero who’s hated by everyone turn into an actual hero that people look up to and respect is touching. The PR angle for a superhero movie was interesting and unique. But then all of that is ruined by the lovers’ twist and all of act 1 and 2 pretty much is thrown out.

I’m fine with either the superhero PR angle or the tragic lovers angle, but they’re way too different and the latter is introduced too suddenly. Hancock really feels like 2 separate movies stitched together.

Whenever I watch it now I just turn it off after Hancock stops the bank robbers. Perfect ending for that movie.

4. So many complaints with this one.

Rise of Skywalker. I think my soul died a little bit. It literally felt like that episode of South Park where Stan has Aspergers.

“Let’s just make a thousand star destroyers. And give them Death Star lasers. And you know what, let’s make then not know what direction up is. I don’t know, fuck you.”

3. Well, that’s ironic.

How it Ends.

It wasn’t altogether a bad film, but that final scene sure made it one.

2. Spoiler alert.

Lucy. Holy shit how I hate that movie.

It’s a really good concept and movie until the very. It tells the story about a girl that is kidnapped and used as a drug mule for this new drug, but the bag inside her leaks and she gets overdosed. This doesn’t kill her though, she’s now able to use more than 10% of her brain (which I know is complete bullshit cuz we use 100% of our brain but not at the same time) and gets superpowers. Then for some reason she needs to take more of the drug to reach complete usage of her brain and, when she does, she becomes a flash drive. A FLASH DRIVE. SHE BECOMES


Fuck that movie.

1. Give us the payoff!


The concept had enormous potential. It was just so unique. What if only one person knew about the Beatles? The movie was fun and suspenseful. And then it just fell flat when he confessed to essentially doing nothing wrong. Just felt anti-climactic.

I kind of felt the same way about the Invention of Lying. Similar concept. I was eager to see it. And then I was unimpressed, but I can’t actually remember why.

I have to say that I agree with most of these (and some I haven’t seen).

Do you agree? Disagree? Tell us why or why not in the comments!