14 Photos Showing What Happens After Things Are Worn Down Over Time

Time doesn’t play favorites. No matter how rich or poor you are, time affects us all the same. The following 14 photos show the many unique ways in which time changes everything around us.

1. 3 years and 6,000 working hours

Photo Credit: Reddit: bobnoga

2. This giant sequoia is almost 2,700 years old.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

3. 13 years later

Photo Credit: Reddit: ayostepht

4. A 30-year-old brush

Photo Credit: Imgur

5. Old dirt and dust

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. This house was restored after 100 years.

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. Time passes really quickly.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Import

8. 16 years later, he bought the same car that his dad used to own.

Photo Credit: Reddit: SeienShin

9. Schwarzenegger plays chess with his friend.

10. A washed chair from a set that a grandfather made

Photo Credit: Reddit: t_v

11. A stone removed from a human being

Photo Credit: Reddit: GiorgioMD

12. “Layers of paint on my wooden mixing spoons”

Photo Credit: Imgur

13. People who believe in omens always bypass this walkway.

Photo Credit: Reddit