Once the Pandemic Is Over, What Will Never Be the Same? Here’s How People Responded.

2020 is definitely a year for the history books, there’s no doubt about that.

Among all the chaos of this year, the pandemic looms the largest. And we all know that life will probably never be exactly the same ever again…

AskReddit users talked about what won’t be the same once the pandemic is over. Let’s take a look.

1. The way it should be.

“I’m hoping that this convinces the (American, pretty much everyone else has this figured out already) masses that healthcare is a human right and should not be tied to employment.

The pandemic has shown that plenty of people lose their jobs through no fault of their own, despite their best efforts and that should not condemn them to either going without healthcare or accumulating crippling debt when they lose their health insurance coverage.”

2. So sad.

“Small restaurants will be closed for good.

A lot of the hole in the wall restaurants with the most amazing food will be closed forever.”

3. I see you…

“Well, that the majority have shown their true colors.

You can’t unring that bell.”

4. No more fun.

“Those ball pits for kids are probably a thing of the past.

Playgrounds in general are going to have to be rethought as a concept going forward.”

5. The new normal.

“Masks. I’m Asian but I live in the US.

I’ve always wanted to wear a mask when I had a cold or a cough.

But it felt too awkward.”

6. No more sense of community.

“My love for my hometown has vanished.

The citizens here are anti-mask and anti-science. They risk their children’s health with parties and say if their kid dies it’s “God’s will.” I blame Trumpism 100%.

People who live here throw garbage all over the place because they don’t have to be “politically correct” anymore. They drive by and yell the n-word out at the black people who live here, even if children are there to hear.

I will forever loathe and disgust the town I grew up in now- it’s the place where I had wanted to raise my children. Trumpism ruined my hometown and the pandemic showed who the people who live here have become.

I feel filthy living here and have already begun looking for a job elsewhere. We’re putting the house on the market.

My whole sense of community and safety is gone.”

7. This is a bummer.

“Bowling (at least as we know it).

Everyone shares the balls… which you stick your fingers in… and they got mixed with the random group you share a lane with…. and you exclusively eat finger food (fries, wings, nachos, etc) with limited napkins…

And then you stick your fingers back in the mystery holes…. and there’s a machine that literally BREATHES on your hands.”

8. Sorry, we’re closed.

“There’s gonna be way less stores open 24/7.

I think a lot of the ones that were 24/7 were trying to go back to day/evening hours and saw the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to switch.

I dont think they’ll go back to 24/7 after the pandemic is over.”

9. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

“I used to enjoy the movie theater experience.

I may never go again.”

10. Death stares.

“Coughing without people death-staring you.

You can never cough in peace in public ever again.”

11. Smaller weddings.

“Coming from India, weddings over here is huge affair.

You buy dinner for 1000-1500 people and spend money to make it as lavish as possible. People almost bankrupt themselves on 3 days affair. It’s a cultural issue, if you don’t spend, you would be called cheap in your social circle.

For the first time , people are getting married with limited 100 people. I sincerely hope, it doesn’t change and people stick to it.”

12. Let’s just touch elbows.

“Shaking hands.

I always hated it especially seeing how many dudes don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.”

13. Not cool at all.

“My opinion of everyone I know.

People I thought were reasonable and intelligent are complete morons who throw science out the window and live very selfishly.”

14. Sorry for your loss.

“My whole life.

I lost my mom to the pandemic. She was only 45. And because of the pandemic, we weren’t allowed to visit her st the hospital very often. Mom, if reddit exists in heaven and you are reading this…

I just want to say, I love you.”

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