One Dad’s Invention Could Help Keep Kids Safer on Halloween

Image Credit: Andrew Beattie

Halloween is a favorite for many people, and for lots of different reasons. Kids love the costumes and the candy, and adults love the fact that the hot summer weather has receded to make room for cooler fall nights and sweata weatha.

Parents, though, have some worries when it comes to the holiday – whether kids are safe on the streets, if the candy is safe, and you know, all of the regular worries that comes with having children.

Then, you figure in this particular Halloween, with worries about social distancing and virus loads and nowhere to wash hands, and on and on – but one dad has an idea, at least, to help mitigate these 2020-specific concerns: a candy chute.

Cincinnati dad Andrew Beattie told Buzzfeed that he’d “rather be safe than sorry,” and so he invented a socially distant way to deliver candy to trick-or-treaters.

Beattie had an old Amazon delivery tube just lying around the house, and with the help of his 6yo daughter and some extra paint, they had a new candy chute to attack to the railing next to their front stairs.

Image Credit: Andrew Beattie

Now, the family can drop candy in from more than six feet away, and as a bonus, means kids with mobility issues don’t have to climb the steps.

Image Credit: Andrew Beattie

People are loving the idea, and planning on copying it – or tweaking it to fit their own porch’s needs – to try to return some sort of normal feeling to this year’s Halloween.

So, get yourself a tube, some paint, some lights if you want, and spread a little cheer of your own.

We can all certainly use it.