Parents Explain How They’ll Tell Kids Santa Exists During a Very “Covid” Christmas

Well, here’s a question you don’t see every day, right?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re aware that the entire planet (and especially the United States) has been decimated by a deadly pandemic that caught all of us by surprise earlier this year.

Things seem to be getting better here slowly, but it looks like we have a long way to go before things get back to normal.

So if this virus is still causing major trouble by the time December 25 rolls around this year, how are parents going to explain to their kids that Santa is still able to go into millions and millions of houses to deliver presents? Or that maybe he won’t make it this year?

That’s quite the dilemma, don’t you think?

Here’s what parents had to say on AskReddit.

1. This is the correct answer.

“Santa is magic.

That being said ,the poor elves took a huge hit from the pandemic so there are less toys to go around this year.

Strictly one per child or 2 between 3.”

2. There you go.

“No presents will be delivered because he’s practicing social distancing and self quarantine like every good little boy and girl should be doing.

This lesson learned could be one of the greatest gifts of all.”

3. Will they buy it?

“Clearly Santa Claus is immune to all disease and does not spread or carry disease from house to house.”

4. Right!

“I think it would be a great excuse to get them to go to bed.

Tell them he won’t come unless he knows everyone is shut away in their rooms so he won’t accidentally come within 2 feet of someone.”

5. There’s this…

“The dude has flying reindeer and can bend time and space to ensure he visits everyone over the course of a single night.

COVID-19 ain’t got sh*t on Santa.”

6. This won’t go over well.

“I’m sorry, but Santa didn’t survive the pandemic, little one.

He was 1749 years old and morbidly obese, it was just a matter of time…”

7. He’s pretty smart.

“Santa knows how to use a mask, and he Lysols everything so it will be ready to open in the morning…

Now, go to bed so he can properly social distance from you little sh*ts.”

8. That explains it!

“Santa’s considered an essential worker.”

9. Makes sense to me.

“Santa’s Beard is Anti-Microbial.

The vaccine is being developed from his beard extract.”

10. Feel free to use these.

“Crazy answers for “fun” parents:

Santa is already dead. He’s been a friendly zombie for centuries.

Santa signed a contract with Amazon to deliver all his presents this year.

Santa is a saint, so he can perform miracles. Miracle makers can’t stay sick.

Santa is a robot and robots don’t catch diseases.

Answer for mean, realistic, or boring parents:

Santa’s not real, so he doesn’t get sick.”

11. That’ll help him out.

“Tell them that instead of milk and cookies, they should leave him hand sanitizer and a face mask behind.”

12. Time Lord.

“Santa’s a Time Lord and he can’t get the diseases we do.

The Time Lord argument also goes a long way to explaining to kids how he can do all the deliveries in one night and get into houses without chimneys.”

13. Making it happen.

“My friends, you are speaking of one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

He will find a way.”

14. Yes!

“Same reason you can explain other countries getting to travel while the US can’t.

Santa obeyed quarantine and now there’s no COVID at the North Pole, so it’s safe for him to come in and lay presents because he’ll be staying 6 ft or more away from everyone.”

Now we want to hear from you.

How do you plan to tell your kids that Santa will still be coming down the chimney this Christmas if the pandemic is still interrupting our lives?

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