Parents, You’re Going To Need This Vacuum Cleaner Attachments That Sorts LEGO By Size

A truth universally acknowledged is that anyone who has children of a certain age will absolutely grow to love and loathe LEGO sets in equal measure.

On the one hand they’re creative and collaborative, giving you a chance to complete a project with your child that has nothing to do with a screen.

On the other hand, they are always laying around everywhere and yes, they do hurt like the devil when you step on them with your bare foot.
Enter this dad, who totally gets it and is stepping up for parents everywhere with a vacuum that does at least some of the heavy lifting for you!

His name is Matty Benedetto, and he creates a line of self-explanatory parody products called Unnecessary Inventions. His latest offering is a LEGO vacuum cleaner attachment that actually sorts your bricks by size.

Image Credit: YouTube

Benedetto, an avid fan of The Office, hilariously calls his device “The Lego Suck It!”

“The Lego Suck It!? The world’s first vacuum-powered LEGO cleanup device that automatically sorts each brick by its individual size.”

It features three different chambers that sift bricks according to size. Each chamber sports a different color and is connected magnetically to the others.

Image Credit: YouTube

“This vibrant cleaning accessory features a multi-stage chamber that magnetically separates for quick organization of your favorite toy bricks. The high suction vacuum will ensure every brick is sucked up from your floors and swiftly deposited into the clear tube as each LEGO piece cascades down and gets sorted into their different sizes. So when things get messy, just SUCK IT.”

Check out the video to see more!

I mean, it sort of looks so fun that your kids might even want to help – for a while, anyway, because we all know that the novelty eventually wears off.

You’ve gotta love an invention with a tagline like that, though – it’s just what us parents need.