Penguins Disobey Police and Return to Invade Sushi Shop Twice

Photo Credit: iStock

Meet the cutest criminals in perhaps the whole world.

Two penguins in New Zealand disobeyed police and hid under a sushi stand.

On the one hand, penguins have NO business being in or near a sushi shop. But on the other hand, penguins mainly eat fish, so…

You can see how they’d be tempted.

The little blue penguins hid underneath a sushi stand, Sushi Bi, across from a railway station in Wellington. Police “temporarily detained” the pair before releasing them back into Wellington Harbor, according to Radio New Zealand.

These birds seemingly have no respect for police authority! Even though they’d been returned to the harbor, they snuck across busy lanes of traffic to get from the station to the sushi bar a second time. At that point, the Department of Conservation was called to remove them.

You know – escalate to a higher authority.

These penguins are apparently common in Wellington Harbor, and at this time of year, they pair up and look for a spot to lay their eggs.

These two penguins just happened to choose the sushi shop, which is a first.  They’ll likely try to attempt to return to the same site to nest over and over again, despite the every attempt to remove them.


“It’s a natural characteristic of the penguins – they will always return to where they possibly were nesting,” explained Mike Rumble, a volunteer with the DOC.

Jack Mace of the DOC says that people should keep their distance from the penguins because they can bite. They are cute, but not harmless.

If anyone wants to start a petition to let the penguins nest under the sushi shop, though, I’ll definitely sign it!