People Admit the Internet Trends They Were Happy to See Go Away

Trends come and go…and that goes for the Internet as well.

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve probably seen some pretty interesting things in your day…AIM, AOL, etc.

Some were good and some were definitely…not.

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about Internet trends they were glad to see go away.

1. Don’t judge me!

“The “Don’t judge me challenge”

They’d put on glasses, make a fake unibrow pretend to have acne, etc to make themself ugly. Then they’d put their hand on the camera, pull it back and they’d be hot.

That sh*t did the EXACT opposite of judging.”

2. How rude!

“That trend where people would open up products in a grocery store, eat or drink it partially, and then put it back.”

3. Get outta here.

“Yahoo chat room flooding.

Like you’re there one minute having a nice chat and in comes like 20+ people using the follow feature and the people start saying random dumb sh*t and make it impossible to continue the chat.”

4. I’m gonna be sick.

“The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.

It made me sick every time I saw the thumbnails on YouTube.”

5. Was it really epic?

“Everything was “EPIC” for a bit.

I am glad things are not “EPIC” anymore.

Although Epic is one of my most favorite songs ever.”

6. Keep calm…

“Those “Keep Calm and…” memes.

Gosh were they so freaking annoying.”

7. Don’t really see that anymore.

“The weird mustache trend.

This was only cute for children under 6. I mustache you a question shirts were cute on a toddler but… grown adults?


8. It was everywhere.

“Starting a sentence with “when you…” which then turns into first person half way through the sentence. .

“When you are so tired because I’ve been up all night”

I don’t know why this irks me so much, but it really bloody does.”

9. YOLO.


I always thought it should’ve been YODO.

You’re living all the time, but you really only die once.”

10. It’s getting there…

“Not dead yet but the ‘Unpopular opinion but-‘ and then something clearly not that unpopular of an opinion really needs to stop.”

11. Enough!

“Game requests on Facebook.

Apps that post in your feed and game requests became so much of an annoyance on Facebook, that to this day Facebook still puts a little disclaimer that reads, “This does not allow the app to post to Facebook” on almost anything you sign in with.”

12. I remember it well.

“Commenting “first” when someone is the first person to comment on a post.”

13. Pretty dumb.

“Getting out of a moving car to dance may be the most selfish and stupid trend yet.”

14. Not cool.

“People commenting in short form.

Not just a word or two, but whole sentences in short form.

Also adding “Z(s)” to words in order to look cool.”

15. I’m freakin’ out!

“The whole clown thing.

The 2016 clown scare was annoying ,but things were very simple back then and I kinda miss the clown days…”

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