People Admit the Most Embarrassing Things That Someone Could Find on Their Computers

We are definitely NOT talking about adult materials in this article, so if that’s what you came for, sorry to disappoint you.

But we are gonna hear from a lot of folks who have some stuff on their machines that might make you cringe or even feel a little bit sorry for them.

What is the most embarrassing item someone could find on your computer?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Micromanaging.

“A game of The Sims in which I made all of my friends and micromanaged their lives like a little puppet show.

I know I’m not the only one, but still… having to explain why I have very purposefully made certain people hook up would not reflect well on me, I suspect, especially given that their longtime partner didn’t make the ‘Let’s include you in the game’ cut.”

2. This could be interesting.

“My Penguins of Madagascar fan fiction.”

3. You’re not alone.

“All the stupid crap I bought from Amazon over the last six months.”

4. May I ask why?

“I have a folder of reaction images that are just Ben Affleck looking sad.”

5. Oh, boy…

“A one-minute file of me singing “Unchained Melody” on our family desktop from when I was 8.”

6. My songs.

“There are three songs I wrote as a teenager.

At the time, I thought they were awesome. I recently listened to them again. Uh, not so much.

It turns out that lofi generic techno with pre-made loops and random sounds scattered throughout isn’t very good.”

7. Nothing wrong with that.

“I write stories on and off and have tons of character sheets saved in my notes.

I know it’s really tame but I’m super self conscious of my writing.”

8. That’s…different.

“My Word doc containing detailed information concerning every gas purchase I’ve made since the Clinton Administration.”

9. Good ol’ Reddit.

“My Reddit account has to be up there.

Too much karma to be able to wave that off as a normal relationship with the site. Way too much karma.

It’s linked to my pen name, which is linked to my romance novels. They’re not porn — the smutty-smut is separate — but I still don’t want my mother reading them.

Does anyone want their Reddit account to be public knowledge?”

10. The gift that keeps on giving.

“My YouTube history showing how many times I’ve fallen for a Rick Roll.”

11. Motivational.

“I write myself a bunch of positive messages and motivational snippets all over my sticky notes so when I open my laptop in the morning, they are the first thing I see.

The one in the upper left corner is what my brother said when I fell over rollerskating as a kid – it hurts now, but it won’t hurt forever. Another note is from one of my first patients, who said I was the first doctor who stopped and really listened to her.

Some are just nice messages from myself to remind me that I can only try my best on tough days, and I’m more than a rejected paper or unanswered text.”

12. You have a spreadsheet?

“My spreadsheet showing my s*x life for the past 26 years.

But first they’d have to break my 17 digit password to unlock the file.”

13. Let’s see it!

“A video of me that I filmed when I was 12 years old.

I was wearing a skirt and dancing to I’m a Barbie girl. I’m a 28 years old man.”

14. Nerd alert!

“The long list of D&D memes and my spending history for them that consists of 80% dice that I won’t need and 15%books and 5% character sheets.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

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