People Admit Things That Are Universally Loved But They Just Can’t Stand

Hey, we don’t all have to like the same things, right?

But it IS kind of perplexing when the entire world seems to LOVE something…and you kind of HATE it.

Has that ever happened to you before? I’m willing to bet that it has…

So what do you hate that the rest of the world loves?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Keep them away from me.

“Dogs at restaurants.

I get it, you love your animal; but there is something inherently weird and unhygienic about bringing your animal to a restaurant.”

2. Snooze fest.

“The Marvel movies and most big films.

I understand there’s a lot that goes into them but jeez.

Cookie cutter stories, all CGI, and there’s 500 films.”

3. Pretty trashy.

“Keeping up with the Kardashians.

I watched ten minutes of an episode and I hate it, a bunch of undeserving whining Americans having fights with each other while flashing their money.

They don’t deserve their wealth or fame, Kim does not seem to have any useful talents and don’t benefit society in any way. Call me the minority but I don’t like it at all.”

4. Not for everyone.

“Having children.

Finally with being nearly 30 (as a women) people stopped telling me “yOu wIlL cHaNgE yOur MiNd”.

No I won’t. I just don’t have any interest in getting and raising children. I don’t understand why “raising your own blood” is interesting at all.”

5. Not a fan.


I hate the way it’s drawn. I really hate the stupid voices. They’re either overly squeaky or ridiculously deep.

I hate everything about it.”

6. No thanks.

“Pro sports.

They’re such a waste of our collective time, attention, and money, especially since taxpayers have helped foot the bill for private stadiums.

On top of everything, they seem to train people in irrational loyalty to players, teams, and (in the US) the military. The teams are just businesses, the players are typically mercenaries who switch teams the moment they get offered a higher salary (and I don’t blame them!).

There’s nothing inherently wrong with sports, but we’d be better off if people focused on playing them at an amateur level and not caring beyond friends and family.”

7. You’re not missing much.

“Going out and drinking.

I’ve never been to a club and have never been drunk. I’ve had people wondering what the hell I do when I meet up with friends.

There’s more you can do together than drinking and clubbing…”

8. Don’t like the pigskin.

“American football.

Idgaf about these corporate owned teams and so many men assume I care about random sports teams. My dude, no. I get my thrills from scifi and shows about dragons and murderous superheroes, not watching athletes in tights damage each other for life.

I’d be more interested in a statewide rugby competition. Feels like a more honestly brutal sport, and making it regional gives you an attachment to the team.”

9. Sorry, you’re wrong.


Could never watch it.

Just seemed to drag on forever and ever with almost nothing happening most of the time.”

10. Doesn’t feel right.

“Fortnite and rap.

I don’t wanna give reasons why, cuz even I don’t know them.

They just don’t feel/sound right.”

11. Blasphemy!

“I hate sleeping.

And I say this not because I’m just a whiny child who wants to stay up late so I can be quirky. No, I sleep a decent amount around 8-10hrs a day because I have to, everyone does. Our bodies need to sleep so that we can function properly and that’s why it can seem nice after a long day but only because our bodies feel the need to sleep.

The reason I hate sleeping is that we can get so much done if we didn’t need to sleep. If we could sustain ourselves by not sleeping and still be healthy then we could get so much done everyday and most of us would be so much more productive.”

12. Wow.


I get no benefit from it past basic sustenance.

I’ve had amazing food too.

It’s all the same.”

13. It’s the worst.

“New Year’s eve.

I’m broken after the Christmas season. I cannot see another plate of food.

And now I’m supposed to party, drink, and have a good time?”

14. Hmmm…

“I hate peanut butter.

It’s just a consistency thing. It gets stuck to the roof of my mouth and I hate the feeling. Everyone I tell ends up giving me crap over it.

Like I’m sorry but leave my jelly sandwiches alone.”

15. Now people are gonna get mad.

“The Office.

Someone pointed out how insane the number of relationships in that show was and it really bugged me and I could never unsee it. Those coworkers hook up more than food service workers lmao

Pam/Roy, Jim/Pam, Jim/Katy, Jim/Karen, Kelly/Ryan, Kelly/Darryl, Darryl/Val, Dwight/Angela, Angela/Andy. Andy/Erin, Erin/Gabe, Erin/Pete, Michael/Pam’s Mom, Michael/Jan, Michael/Holly…

I’m probably missing some.”

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