People Admit What Bothers Them That They’re Also Guilty Of Doing

Do you ever get so aggravated by something that it just makes your blood boil?

Like you want to scream to the heavens because this thing just drives you insane?

And…then you realize you also do the same thing sometimes?

Oops! Sorry about that!

People on AskReddit talked about what really annoys them that they’re also guilty of doing.

Let’s take a look.

1. Sorry about that.

“Interrupting / talking out of turn.

I think it’s genetics in my family.

Everyone talks over one another….Unlike everyone else, I’m working on it.”

2. The interrupter.

“I have a bad habit of interrupting people when they’re talking.

I never do it intentionally mind you but sometimes I can get over excited about a topic and my brain just kind of goes on a rampage.

I think it comes from living most of my life not being able to speak or not being able to get a word in edgewise.”

3. Guilty as charged.

“Social Media. Taking selfies/posting in general and seeking attention.

I hate that others do it but I have in no doubt posted something just to receive likes and feel a bit better about myself.”

4. Hmmm…

“Using the phone while driving.

Because obviously you are going to crash, while I am a god-like driving genius who will never crash.”

5. Keep it down!


I snore like a freight train, and my wife usually doesn’t.

No idea how she can sleep through it, but it doesn’t bother her.

If anything, it puts her to sleep.”

6. The nerve!

“Pedestrians really bother me even though I’m often one of them.

I INSTANTLY become a hypocrite when I get behind the wheel.

I’m always mumbling “Pedestrians, walking around, crossing the street.”

7. Not a fan of this.

“Loud cars.

But when I was a teen during the muscle car days, you could hear me coming from a mile away.”

8. Maybe it’s time to change.

“Not being a good/attentive friend.

Sometimes I just genuinely don’t feel like talking or being around my friends for a few weeks or maybe even a month, but I still try to let people know I’m alive and that I care so they don’t worry.

Its the friends that don’t ask you to hang out, but are hanging out with other people, and not texting you back just so you know they’re alive, that bother me.

And then on the off chance you see them, they unload all these problems on you about their life, but don’t ask how you’re doing… like I texted you because I needed to know you were okay and also I NEEDED YOU, but now that you need ME you’ll communicate?

I try not to do that when I go awol for awhile. If something really interesting or somewhat dramatic happened in my life while I was “gone” I’ll be like listen to this! But I won’t be like, “here’s this emotional problem I’m having and how can you help?” When I haven’t even bothered to answer a “hey how are you I miss you” text.”

9. Working on it.

“Tapping, like on desk and tables.

I drum so I do it all the time compulsively but when I hear other do it it really annoys me.

I try not to do it in front of other people though, I’m working on it.”

10. Hypocritical.

“Fat people.

I ask myself “how can you get that big? Just stop eating so much” all the while I’m a very rotund person. I stuff my face with “delicious” foods not caring about calories or nutrients.

And I have the nerve to judge people.”

11. Wrap it up.

“Telling long meandering stories with unnecessary backstory details, dancing close to the point sometimes, then taking forever to get to it.

My parents both do this. I also do this.

Mom: “Last May, I was talking to your Aunt Patty about swimming at the lake when we were kids. That’s where you went as a kid for summer camp, remember? There was that girl you were friends with when you were seven years old and her parents came over for barbecue and…”

Fifteen minutes later…

Mom: “So it turns out that Uncle John didn’t have to drive all the way to San Diego because he could just mail me the money!”

Me: “Okay, so you got the money, the bill was paid on time, and everything’s fine. Got it…”.”

What irritates you that you’re also guilty of doing?

Talk to us in the comments and confess your sins!

We look forward to it!