People Admit What They Secretly Judge Other Folks For

Go ahead and admit it…you judge people from time to time.

Hey, we all do it on some level!

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about what they SECRETLY judge people for.

Are y’all ready for this?

Let’s get started!


“Chewing with their mouth open.

I had a neglectful upbringing and didn’t know I chewed with my mouth open until my boss told me. I was 26. I was mortified.

It took me almost a year to eat with my mouth closed. Sometimes people just need to be told nicely.”

Don’t need to see that.

“Having their buttcrack out.

A little slip is fine if you realize immediately and then pull your pants up, but if you’re sitting at a table with several inches out for an extended period of time…how do you not feel the breeze going through that canyon?”

The name game.

“What people name their kids.

My nephew goes to nursery with a ‘Gravity’ and ‘Jupiter’.”


“Giving a sentimental gift to someone and recording their emotional response.

Even with permission, it feels like it takes away from the genuine gesture and turns it into something exploitative.”

Bad parents.

“Parents who are constantly yelling at their kids.

Went to an animal supply store with my dad and dog. In the checkout line, we see this lady SCREAMING at her son for crying about a toy or something (I think he was also afraid of my dog—she’s a Great Dane and she was being a little loud playing with the bone she picked out—but I couldn’t understand what he was saying bc of mom…). This psycho was red in the face yelling at her son in public.

I had to take my dog out to the car because she was scared of the yelling so I didn’t see what else happened, but my dad finished checking out and he said that on their way out the kid literally ran into the street outside the store and mom was just…indifferent? She didn’t even react to her child running into the ROAD.

Some people shouldn’t have children.”

It’s not that hard.

“If they push their chair in when they’re done or not.

Nobody in my family besides me actually pushes their chair in.

It drives me nuts.”


“Bad hygiene.

I’m looking at you, coworker of only 10 people in the building that rushed into the toilet, took a giant dump, wiped quickly and walked straight for the door.

I didn’t hear any turning on of the faucet.”

Rude as hell.

“People who cut in line.

Oh I’m not secret about that. I flat out tell them “the line ends down there, you just cut in front of people”

Usually works but I’ve had a few blatantly ignore me so I just say to them “or you can continue to be an a**hole, okay.””

Get off the road.

“Bad driving.

No turn signal, tailgating, treating the drive like a race.

Inching forward a tiny bit at a time at a red light that’s clearly not going to turn green any time soon.”


“The attention seekers on Facebook that post things like : (google maps screen shot of the local hospital) “well that was crazy!”

And then they just watch the likes and the comments pour in, but they don’t respond to anything or give any details as to what happened.”

Cute kids.

“Letting their kids roam around and destroying things in stores or restaurants.

Also letting them hurt others physically, it happened to my fiancé when we were at a birthday party, this 8 year old kept hitting him as hard as she could and he didn’t do anything in fear that it would cause drama.”

What do you judge people for?

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