People Shared Stories About Their Biggest “I Screwed Up” Moments

We all have stories like this and I guess the best thing you can do is accept it, learn from it, and move on.

But still…”I screwed up” moments can be pretty darn embarrassing…

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

That’s bad.

“I read a manifest wrong and pumped the wrong chemical down an oil well and literally ruined a brand new well worth about 4 million.

They had to abandon it.”

Time to start over.

“I worked in a commercial kitchen. I had just finished making and plating hundreds of deviled eggs.

As I moved them into the walk -in, the cart wheels caught on the lip and sent ALL OF THEM straight on the floor.”


“I used to downhill skate pretty regularly, took my time and had some safe spots away from traffic.

Took a tumble once and popped up on my feet but my right leg crumbled. Looked down and my right foot was doinked 90⁰ to the left.

“I done f**ked up” was running through my head 100x every second for weeks.”

Uh oh…

“My first marriage. First day of the honeymoon. We are at a nice sightseeing spot.

I take a photo of him in front of a memorial. After taking the photo, I say: “Oh, I think I cut of your feet in that shot.”

He throws a total fit about it. That’s when I realized, I f**ked up marrying him.”

Still hurts.

“I was riding electric scooters with some friends and they thought to ride down a hill covered in potholes.

I hit a pothole going like 20mph and got some air. This was the “I fu**ed up” moment. It was like the intro to a movie. Slo-mo, me mid-air, “you’re probably wondering how I got in this situation”.

My shoulder took most of the impact and broke in 2 places. It still hurts some days even years later. After landing and moving to a bench nearby my vision just completely went for 1 minute or so.”

On stage.

“I was a lead in a play for a theatre company, came down with an intense cough, decided to see a doctor, they prescribed me a cough suppressant.

I figured if the recommended dose worked then more than the recommended dose would work even better. Drank half a bottle of DXM syrup two hours before going on stage and accidentally had an out of body experience in front of a full house.

I was young, naive and very high. Director wasn’t too happy about it.”

Overdid it.

“I was a prep cook for a bakery / coffee shop. One morning, I was making cinnamon rolls and following the recipe, or so I thought.

I pull my first batch of 30 out of the oven, and the owner comes by for a taste. She takes one bite, spits it out? And asks me what my process was.

I told her I doubled the recipe as she requested, so you know 14 TBSP of cinnamon. Problem!!!! That number I thought was a 7, was in fact a 1.


Ignored it.

“Drinking because of my severe anxiety and depression.

Ignoring my wife telling me to get help which eventually led to her filing for divorce.

Two months in since filing, and I am so self-aware now that I am filled with regret every day.”

We all make mistakes.

“Thinking I could fix someone with the power of love after they laid out every major red flag for me to see.

18 y/o me was dumb.”

Bad news!

“I went turkey hunting with my new father in law this morning.

We drank a s**tload of beer and ate Indian food the night before.

I s**t my camo overalls so badly that it filled up my boot and I left a trail on the 5 mile hike out of the woods …… this morning.”

Did them dirty.

“Sleeping with my best friend’s ex a day after they broke up.

Really made me questioned my morality and the person I wanted to be at the time.”

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