People Get Real About the Unhealthy Obsessions That Folks Have These Days

In this day and age, with all the information in the universe available at our fingertips with our phones and computers, it can be pretty easy to get obsessed with all kinds of things.

And not all of those things are healthy…

What are some of those unhealthy things?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.


“People with the ” I need to be first, I’m in a rush because my life is more important” while driving bugs me so much, particularly when you end up pulling back up with them because they hit the same red light or stop sign, etc. you do.

I’ve literally seen people weave in and out of traffic, gunning it 15 to 20 over whenever they had space to do so, only for me to be right behind them again 30 seconds later.

Their efforts made no difference to how fast they were getting where they were going and exponentially more dangerous.”


“Being on their phone all the time, especially while driving. I see this literally every day, despite laws against it.

I constantly have to honk at people sitting at green lights, because they can’t possibly be inconvenienced with their own thoughts for 2 minutes sitting at a red light.”

No big deal.

“Celebrity worship.

They are just normal people guys, no different biologically then us.”

Get some help.

“Professional Sports.

Hey, I love my own teams, but if you are rioting following a victory or loss by your team, then it is time to seek counseling.”

You look ridiculous.

“Status symbols.

Now people are spending hundreds of dollars too look like Disney characters walking around in those big red dumb rubber boots.”

Yeah, buddy!

“Craft beers. It’s to the point where people are a bit over the top with it.

I love a good craft beer. But, d**n. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s not a personality trait. I’m not a beerded (hahaha) guy drinking a few beers each night. I’m just a dude enjoying an al**holic beverage.

And it’s not healthy at that point, either. I’m switching to Friday and Saturday only, and only if I’m out or with friends. Otherwise, I gotta get healthy. I’ve been drinking water, but I go through it so fast. 5 gallons in less than a week…”



“It’s a big club, and you’re not in it.”

– George Carlin”


“Unpopular opinion but… Positivity.

I’m talking about toxic positivity that those self help gurus make millions on roping desperate and vulnerable people into their cult-like seminars. Have a problem in your life? Buy my book! Be a better you! It’s not the world that’s the problem it’s your MiNdSeT.

To be clear there are so many great self help books out there but most are total c**p and cash grabs promoting more products.”

No escape.

“Sugar. It’s in everything. It’s addictive.

It’s usually unnecessary and added so that the food is delicious and addictive.”

Way over the top.


I know A LOT of people who love to say they’re not but it’s truly an epidemic, literally cannot function without it.”



I haven’t spoken to my uncle in 2 years now. He hasn’t invited over for family events and my parents had to find a new church.

All because I lived in California in 2020 and didn’t like Trump. That was enough for me to be a literal spawn of Satan, threaten to k**l me, and tell everyone how he hopes to see me executed on TV during their purge thing that’s totally going to happen one day.”

Pretty weird.


This is coming from someone who takes their family to Disney several times a year and enjoys the time together.

Some people base their entire personality off Disney and literally live their lives by the Mouse… that can’t be healthy.”

What do you think people are obsessed with in an unhealthy way?

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