People Admitted the Silliest Way They Hurt Themselves

The truth hurts sometimes

And in the stories you’re about to read, we mean that literally!

Because these folks all got hurt in pretty dumb ways.

Let’s take a look!

1. Darn.

“I ignored a staph infection when I was 14 and wound up with toxic shock syndrome and a partially removed big toe.

Learned the hard way to suck it up and go to the doctor.”

2. What’s that bald spot?

“I was sitting on an armchair in the living room when my mom said she just baked a cake.

So I jumped from the chair to get fast to the kitchen but i hit my head on the door midair and cracked my skull. I now have a little bald spot.”

3. Goin’ blind.

“Rubbed my eyes after cutting chilli peppers.

I thought I was going blind.”

4. Choking.

“I woke up and went to the fridge to drink some chocolate straight from the squeezey chocolate bottle, and pushed a bunch of air out into my lungs, instead of that delicious chocolate.

So I dropped to the ground in my boxers, choking to d**th for a solid 20 seconds. All I could think was how they’d find me d**d on the floor in my boxers ….m**dered by some Hershey chocolate, or lack there of…”

5. Careful!

“Playing soccer with a basketball. Accidentally stepped on it and slipped into a bush.

I got a lisfranc, requiring 2 surgeries, a plate, and three screws in my left foot.”

6. That’s not good.

“Accidentally made chlorine and sulfur gas while cleaning the bathroom, put both me and my flatmate in hospital for the night.”

7. Sorry, mom.

“I purchased a brand new bong went home and the downstem was stuck.

Gave it a good twist to try and get it out, the downstem broke and I sliced open my hand that was around the bong.

Nice big 2 inch gash on the top of my thumb. Explaining that to my mom was a fun time!”

8. Yowza!

“I was once bragging to a friend about how I almost never slip on ice, I was standing on ice at this time.

I go to take a step and promptly slipped and ended up with a fractured wrist.”

9. You know what happened next.

“A mosquito landed on my groin area, and as a reflex, I tried to smash it and I think you know what happened next.

I felt like an idiot that time.”

10. Did it twice.

“I was using a Stanley knife blade to cut some wires and accidentally pressed on the sharp edge of the blade. Twice.

I had deep cuts on the end of both of my index fingers and spent a week walking around looking like Yosemite Sam as I tried not to bang them.”

11. Triple the damage.

“I was at a swimming pool the other day. I didn’t exactly calculate its deepness right, so when I jumped into it my right heel got a big hit.

The worst thing is, after about 30 min, when it did no longer hurt, I forgot about it and did it again. On the same heel. Triple the damage. It still hurts.”

12. It hurts!

“During a high school event, they had a “drunk driving exercise” using goggles and a large trike.

I did it, got distracted and ran into a wall hand first. Broke two knuckles, spiral fractured the main hand bone, and now I have 7 screws and a plate in my hand.”

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us about the dumb ways you’ve hurt yourself in the comments.

Thanks a lot!