People Are Getting Revenge on Their Dysfunctional Families By Sharing “Secret” Family Recipes

First of all, can we just say that most “secret” family recipes aren’t really secret at all?

Like, they’re all made with ingredients that are in post people’s pantries, just in varying amounts, and if your mom or grandma told you the truth, you’d probably find the recipe in an old printed church cookbook (or the like), too.

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That said, our moms and grandmas want us to believe those recipes that were our favorites as kids are foods only they can create with their own hands in their own kitchens, and so when they finally share them with us, it’s with an air of passing on an heirloom.

But here’s the thing. Sometimes your family isn’t the best, and somewhere between childhood and becoming an adult you’ve realized that fact, and really, what better way to get your revenge than splashing those “secret” recipes all over the internet?

It’s therapeutic, in fact, according to these several cooks on Tumblr.

This guy kicked off the thread with his mother’s meatloaf recipe, which she told him never to share…before she reacted badly to his coming out, so.

I’m intrigued by the idea of using onion soup mix instead of actual onions…

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This person jumped on the thread his a similar terrible story, and mashed potatoes he thinks would go beautifully with that meatloaf above.

Since all mashed potatoes must contain cream cheese, this one is off to a good start

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No, there aren’t any roll recipes per se, and we don’t need one for green bean casserole – the one we have is a classic for a reason – but there is this intriguing bread-based dessert.

Anything that’s sort of like a cinnamon roll intrigues me, to be honest. Maybe this will be a new family favorite, hold the side of hate.

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I hope you’re at least as delighted by all of this as the commenters were on Tumblr – I definitely am.

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I know this is kind of petty and whatever, but listen. If it makes people feel better, it’s a pretty harmless way to shake off some lingering bad juju picked up during your formative years.

I mean, no one is giving away the seven secret spices, right?