People Are Now Decorating Their Christmas Trees With Sunflowers

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Ah, Christmas.

(I know, I know, it’s not even Halloween yet. The internet moves fast.)

Every year, the holiday brings the same dependable traditions back: presents, stockings, sparkly lights, and Christmas trees. Now, you can add sunflowers to that list. Yes, people are actually adding sunflowers to their Christmas trees. It’s the latest holiday trend!

Sunflowers are generally associated with spring and summer, like most flowers, so it may seem really odd to see them on a Christmas tree. But you can purchase sunflowers year-round, which may be why some cheerful flower-loving folks decided to start adding them to their Christmas trees a few years ago.

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The trend has recently exploded. It’s one of the top trends on Pinterest for this Christmas.

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hello i’m aliyah and some people know me as the sunflower christmas tree girl from twitter, and let me just say that the internet is INSANE. this silly picture of my tree has made its way around the world, and i have been swamped with messages of love and approval, but at the same time, there have been individuals who took it upon themselves to hate upon someone’s (my) expression of art. to them, i owe no explanation but i truly hope that whatever is hurting them gets resolved and they experience as much love as i’ve been blessed to receive in the past 48 hours. thank you, and merry christmas from me and my sunflowers ?? also yes u can hire me to decorate your tree, i’m a college kid and money is always a yes #sunflowerchristmastree

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The sunflowers certainly add a unique touch to Christmas trees. They look particularly at home in warm climates, where snow is simply never a reality but year-round sunflowers totally are.

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(Ignore the cords, those wont be visible soon). But our cute and different sunflower Christmas tree! Got our stocking hung up today and got the fur kids their stockings and even got a few toys in them now! Got a few presents under the tree as well! ??? #sunflowerchristmastree #christmastree #sunflowertree #presents #christmaspresents #christmas #merrychristmas #happyholidays #christmas2018

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You don’t have to live in a warm climate to pull this trend off, though. Some people simply use fake sunflowers — which is likely a good idea anyway, as they’ll stay fresh-looking on the tree forever.

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Thanks @cresta2161 for the awesome share ! #Sunflower #sunflowerfield #sunflowers #sunflowerlove #sunflowerchristmas #sunflowerchristmastree

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Sunflowers aren’t the only floral Christmas trees that have come into fashion in recent years. Other popular flower choices include roses, lilies, or poinsettias.

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Even though the lights were restrung three times, this is the best thing I’ve ever done. I might have to keep this up all year ?❤️? • • • #whileyouregone #sunflowerchristmastree #sunflowers #isaiahandkatelynn #casadecedillo #katieskobeyear #11weekspregnant #holidayswithoutyou

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Will this “Sunflower tree” trend stick, or is this just a passing fad? Guess we’ll have to wait until Christmas 2020 to find out.