People Are Praising This Teacher for Letting a Student Sleep in His Class Because of her hard work

It’s no secret that being in high school can be pretty rough.

There is a lot of pressure and stress put on teenagers throughout high school to work extremely hard, participate in extracurricular activities, and get into a good college. It’s no wonder teens are always exhausted and anxious all of the time. One teacher caught a student of his sleeping in his class–and, instead of reprimanding her, he did something different.

Photo Credit: Twitter,montesyrie

People online we thanking Monte for being the kind of teacher the world definitely needs right now–teaching empathy and compassion.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Sometimes in life, giving someone a break and showing them compassion and understanding will go a lot further than trying to make an example of them or teach them a lesson. Allowing teens and students to know your classroom is a safe environment and you are a teacher who is understanding will pay off in the long run–and, will make you a better teacher overall.