People Are Sharing McDonald’s Restaurants That Are in Very Weird Locations

©Unsplash,Thabang Mokoena

We’ve grown accustomed to the prototypical McDonald’s restaurant over the years. Golden arches, red and yellow color scheme, maybe a play area for the kiddos outside.

They’re all pretty uniform for the most part… or are they?

Well, we’re here to give you a reality check, friends! Because here are some photos of McDonald’s from all over the world that are totally unique.

Take a look and enjoy!

1. That one is certainly interesting.

It really does look like a retirement home.

2. This is a cool one.

Glad this one wasn’t demolished.

3. You had to do it.

Have a presidential Big Mac.

4. Art Deco!

That’s really awesome!

5. Definitely looks like a bank.

Deep in the heart of Ohio.

6. Charlotte, North Carolina in the house!

Hmmmm, very strange…

7. Cool! I hope it’s still around.

Look closely and the pic is from 1993.

8. This is my favorite.

First-class seating!

9. Wow! Looks like a fairy tale.

In the City of Lights.

10. A medieval style.

Douth thou have a Quarter Pounder?

11. A beautiful McD’s.

Take it all in…

12. That building looks very old.

And I love the color!

I guess not all McDonald’s restaurants are created equal, huh?

Have you ever been to an unusual McDonald’s location?

If you have, please tell us about it in the comments and share a photo if you have one.