People Are Sharing Their “Pre-Veneer” Pics, But They’re Very Mistaken… Because They’re Not Veneers

I know a lot of people out there are insecure about their teeth.

There are people who go to great lengths for the perfect smile outside of rocking a braceface. Like shaving their teeth down to nubs to get what they think are veneers, but they’re actually not. In reality, they’re getting really super expensive crowns.

The TikTok Veneers Check trend is actually rather popular right now as you will see below.


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There’s a pretty significant difference between the two.

The TL;DR version is that veneers are much less invasive because it leaves the tooth intact. Half a millimeter of enamel is ground off the front surface of the tooth and the veneers are bonded to it. There also are some newer types that require even less enamel to be ground away to bond.

Now, a crown is literally just that. A crown for the tooth. And as you can see it takes some further grinding.


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Considering the difference,  Dr. Manouchehri, a London-based dentist with post-graduate training in restorative dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery has stated that the practice can be permanently damaging to the longevity of a person’s smile.

So while the results seem cosmetically perfect, the consequences are in the upkeep.


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♬ original sound – Dr S Manouchehri

This also means that if you’re (voluntarily) getting such a drastic cosmetic procedure at 18 for no other reason than that perfect smile, you’ll have to realign, readjust, or recrown every 7-10 years for the rest of your life or you’ll end up in Sharkboy cosplay for like ever. And that’s some sort of commitment.

Okay, so don’t shave your teeth unless you know what you’re getting into.

This is what we’re here for. Stay informed! Acquire knowledge! Seek the toof!

If you guys would like to share any stories about crowns, veneers, or human shark teeth enamel filing then hit the comments and let us know about it. Granted, this topic can be a little sensitive. All puns intended. Teeth, man!