People Come Clean About Their Toxic Traits

Admit it, you have a toxic trait or two…or maybe more.

Hey, we all have them!

Even me…I know, I know, it’s almost impossible to believe, but it’s true…

But enough about me…AskReddit users came clean about their toxic traits.

Take a look!

1. Judgmental.

“Quick to judgment.

And I have zero patience for people that I think should know better.”

2. Angry.

“I’m always very angry.

I don’t even know why like 99% of the time.

I meditate, I exercise very frequently, I go for walks, try to keep a peace of mind but even on my best days where I feel fantastic there’s always some sort of fire that just burns inside me.

Makes me “b**chy” or “snappy” at its most tame. Genuinely don’t even know what to do about it anymore.”

3. All of ’em.

“Overbearing and I need attention. I jump to conclusions.

I am self aware and have made great efforts to combat these propensities.”

4. Can’t ask for help.

“I never ask for help because I think i can do everything myself.

And I insist that I can do it even though I can’t.”

5. Either/Or.

“I either overvalue my role I other peoples lives or I self isolate and want nothing to do with anyone.”

6. Isolated.

“Self isolation for me. On bad days, people are nothing but potential triggers. Even the ones who I love and who love me dearly.

The ironic contradiction, in a non-self serving way, is that I have a successful career in sales with a large friend group and great support network (which I’m grateful for but often take for granted).

Sometimes it’s just too much, every interaction with another person turns into a task, vs. meaningful or fulfilling discussion.”

7. I’ll do it later.

“I genuinely don’t want to procrastinate, but I have to consciously try to work against myself to not do it.

Sometimes I forget myself, mess up, and then everyone is mad at me because they don’t understand/think I don’t care about being punctual

I wish I had an internal time clock or something to help me. I wish I could be better, but I feel like there’s little or no support for this kind of thing.

It legitimately feels as awful as if I had an addiction of some kind.”

8. Always disappointed.

“No one lives up to my expectations of what I think friendship should be.

Everyone always disappoints me.”

9. Lazy.

“Probably my most significant toxic trait is profound laziness.

In school I was the student that had one notebook for all of my classes, almost never took a lick of notes, read the Sparknotes as I was walking to school, did my homework the night before it was due … or even sometimes the day of, and all in all just did the bare minimum to survive and pass.

If the opportunity cost of an assignment was higher than its proportion to my final grade, I just simply didn’t do it. Now that I’m many years older but WFH (and have for 23 straight months now (almost to the day, actually!)), I’m finding myself facing many of these same flaws over and over again.

Case in point, I’m here on Reddit in the midst of completing tasks for work. I’m the person that does one, small, minute task and then returns back to my socials for the next 10-15 mins, before moving on to my next task.”

10. Don’t show weakness.

“I am incredibly reluctant to show any form of weakness, or anything that I twist myself into believing is weakness.

Got a cough? I struggle to breath, holding it in, before I cough in front of anybody. Am I sad? Morose? Hurting? You’ll never know because I have mastered the neutral inexpressive face.

Bet you can’t tell who got told they were “too sensitive” growing up.”

11. Hard-headed.

“I’m incredibly stubborn and never give in.

Sounds good, but when I am actually wrong and have made a mistake I feel annoyed I didn’t listen more.”

12. Aloof.

“I’m aloof. Like I value my relationships with people and try to be there when they need me, but otherwise I just occupy my own space and do my own thing.

Like I’m not part of any twitch, discord, etc. communities because I find I get bored with keeping up with them. It generally means that in the few instances where I feel lonely, I know I’ve done it to myself. But I can’t change who I am without serious effort and I like my life, so I am who I am.

Some folks questioning how being too aloof can be toxic. It’s hard to put into words, but I have actively ‘aloofed’ myself right out of relationships, friendships, and positions of responsibility. Like not responding to a text/DM for a week and then forgetting about it.

Or modding a community and just not logging in anymore because I want to play a game or something instead. But at this point I accept that aspect of myself so I don’t tend to take up any positions that require a ton of commitment. Like I don’t raid in WoW anymore because I didn’t want to commit to logging in 2 nights a week, etc. So I’ve probably ‘aloofed’ myself right out of a lot of potential friendships, relationships, opportunities, etc. but at the same time…IDK, I don’t like being tied down.

I want to do what I want when I want, and for the most part I can, so I’m satisfied, even if it’s not as healthy.”

What’s your toxic trait?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!