People Confess What They Find Socially Unacceptable About Themselves

Even the people in this world who are super good at making friends, glad-handing, and otherwise thriving in social situations have at least one aspect of their personality the believe is better off kept hidden.

The rest of us have a small arsenal of those things, which can make navigating social situations a bit harder, right?

These 15 people don’t have any trouble looking in the mirror and coming up with what’s socially unacceptable about them, and maybe after reading through them you’ll feel a little bit better about yourself, too!

15. All the time.

I daydream wayyyy to much. I’m constantly daydreaming. At home, at work, while I’m driving, before I’m sleeping, while I’m eating.

I’m always daydreaming.

14. Get your thoughts in order.

I have full on conversations when I’m alone in the car. I find that its a good way to get my thoughts in order. I have conversations that I’ll never have in person. I’ll imagine that I’m arguing with somebody or that I’m on Late Night with Conan O’Brian talking about my new movie (I’m not an actor. I just love Conan).

Sometimes I just pretend that I’m explaining a hobby or something to a friend.

Thank goodness cars have Bluetooth capabilities these days. Sometimes at stoplights I’ll take breaks in between sentences so that the people in other cars think I’m talking on the phone.

13. It can be a problem.

I’ve struggled with maladaptive daydreaming, although not too severe thankfully.

Basically a good place to start is, is your daydreaming always voluntary? Can you turn it off?

People with severe maladaptive daydreaming sometimes are in their heads for hours, preferring their daydream friends/life/characters over reality a lot of the time. Usually starts as a coping mechanism for some unhappiness that slowly turns into the thing preventing you from doing anything to better your situation.

12. Constantly performing.

I feel like I’m constantly analysing how to interact with people – every conversation I have feels like a performance and not the real me, like I’m just mimicking other conversations I’ve read or heard.

The worst part for me is the post-mortem of dissecting a conversation after it happened, and detailing exactly what I said, and could have said better/in a more meaningful way.

11. Are you by any chance a writer?

When I’m out in public I sometimes put my earbuds in just to listen to what other people are saying around me, nothing playing on my end.

10. Just a quiet person.

A can go for weeks without talking to anyone. I have no need to talk. I’d make a great vow of silence monk.

There’s only a handful of people in my life I actually enjoy talking to. I’m a very quiet person by myself.

9. Hey, you’re not hurting anyone.

I’d rather be naked about 80%of the time.

I take a long time to answer the door.

8. Like humans were intended to do.

I don’t want to work.

I just want to live in a grassy field and eat fruit.

I’m chronically ill and the thing I enjoy most is simply sitting in the sun where it’s warm and watching the breeze go through trees.

I could do this forever I think.

7. Mental health is so hard.

I’m currently crawling away from years of crippling depression and I didn’t even realize I was depressed. I can only give examples from myself but not sure if it would apply to you. I recommend giving yourself some time to read on your issues (or watch, listen or talk) and spend some quality time with yourself (like yoga, jogging or taking a hike solo during a nice day, or whatever your poison is).

First of all, if thoughts and motivations fly by in your mind at the speed of light and you can’t hold onto any single one of them, it becomes really hard to discover anything about yourself, and we call this a mental disorder of the sorts (ADHD). Depression fuels this by a whole lot. And not being able to focus makes you miss every single enjoyable step of every single thing in life; brushing your teeth, driving, working, studying, walking your dog. Instead of finding ways to get things done, be gentle to yourself about your shortcomings and enjoy anything, you just want everything to be over with, so you can return to your escape.

Second thing I realized was that I had dreams and aspirations, but never took a solid step to achieve them. They were just there, not providing any sort of drive or motivation. I would just go through life and make excuses constantly to remain in my comfort zone, because I was burnt out and couldn’t summon the energy to undertake a single challenge.

Another clue was my ‘past’. I escaped it wherever I can, never wanted to do anything with it, never developed any perspective and was stuck with the same thoughts any beliefs up until I started living outside of it.

There are other things I went through but this is enough Reddit reading, I suppose. Just remember, in both cases, you can discipline yourself to create a pretty cushy life where you learn to deal with sources of stress, anxiety or apathy. It’s hard to summon that energy to get anything done but slow does it.

6. A sense of wonder.

I am a grown man who likes to play with action figures and yes I do make the noises to pretend they’re fighting it’s my hobby it relaxes me.

I rarely tell people because they look at me like I’m a child why should we lose our sense of wonder as we grow?

5. Hard to trust people with that.

I’m suicidal. Passively, meaning I’m not making any plans. I’m safe and this is a constant for me. It feels like I can’t tell my friends except in asking for help. I just want this to be something I can tell people because it’s so significant in my inner world.

I am getting professional help, i’ve been in therapy and medicated for a while. thanks for all your concern, i’m sorry i didn’t say that in the original comment

4. Talking it through.

Sometimes I like having fake phone conversations.

Sometimes because I just need to talk through a problem or plan something out loud but my mom isn’t picking up the phone.

Sometimes for my own entertainment (trying to get people to eavesdrop).

3. Everything in moderation.

I would rather sleep than talk to another person like, all the time.

I just started reading a book called”My Year of Rest and Relaxation” by Otessa Moshfegh. The book is about a woman who spends all of her time sleeping by means of taking copious amounts of sleeping pills and other sedatives.

I’m only about 80 pages in but it’s really hilarious albeit sad how much I want that to be my reality too.

2. Trauma is no joke.

I have never been in an emotionally deep and mutually trusting relationship. I want to be but I’ve never met someone who felt the same way.

I’m very introverted and one poor relationship experience left me reeling for the better part of a decade.

1. It is low-key annoying.

Can’t stand brushing my teeth.

I do it but hate it.

It’s so annoying but I don’t want to lose them.

Yeah, most of these are pretty normal for a lot of people at one time or another.

What about you? Tell us in the comments what your response to this question would be!