People Discuss How They Cope With Their Depression

We’re in the dark, cold months of the year right now and this is when depression really rears its ugly head for a lot of people out there.

Gray skies, more hours of darkness, and freezing temperatures can really do a number on peoples’ mental health so it’s important to take care of yourself.

How do you cope with your depression?

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Seems to work.

“I like to go outside and write songs.

I act like I’m someone important that people need to survive.

It’s weird, but it works sometimes.”

2. The little things.

“I don’t suffer from major depression, so I know that this may seem rather flyweight. I go for walks.

I put my favorite music on while I’m driving and sing along. If I’m at home (alone–I get embarrassed), I’ll put on some really fun music and dance. I watch stand-up comedy for a laugh.

I’ll allow myself to indulge in some nice chocolate. And I give myself small tasks that I can easily accomplish and pat myself on the back for getting them done.”

3. Depression lies.

“I stubbornly keep on breathing and I ignore everything my head thinks.

Depression lies.

I have a check list on the fridge of things I forget: keep warm, drink tea, take Zinc, being overwhelmed is a symptom you are quite fierce in reality, wear hat, eat proteins before noon, brush teeth before noon.”

4. Dealing with it.

“I have been struggling with anxiety and depression throughout all of Middle School, and into High School. Except no one knows about it, so everyone just thinks I’m fine.

But I don’t talk about it, because I am concerned about how people would react. Which really just makes everything worse. But some things I have done to help my self. I focus on the things that I do have. I am lonely and don’t have many friends but, I realized that thinking senselessly about the people who don’t care about me, doesn’t help at all and makes things worse.

But focusing on who cares about me, make me feel happy and cared for. Additionally, I have started a journal to record my thoughts that I have, when I go through a mental breakdown. Writing it down, helps me think about it more, and cope with it.”

5. Belt it out.

“I sing.

I get anxious a lot and have problems because of it. But when I sing I feel like all my problems are gone.

Also, I read! When I read I’m not me anymore, I’m the book character and that takes all my problems away.”

6. Clear your head.

“I like to walk around outside, I feel like it clears my thoughts.

One of my main things to do is to pour all of my emotions into something physical, ie a drawing, and then destroy it. Listen to happy music, read, take a bath are standard go-to’s. Hope this helps!

And remember you’re loved, wanted and needed in this world. also If you feeling suicidal please call a hotline, the world needs you.”

7. All kinds of things.

“I like to sit and think. some times I will draw and listen to music. I will play my favorite video games and chat with friends. but my favorite thing to do was to make up a new friend in my head then I would talk to them as if they were a therapist.

I like to do that because I feel it is easier to talk and vent to some that are not real then to talk to someone that might tell others. I do this a lot for more than just depression and it really helps if you have.

People say that I’m too old for an “imaginary friend” but I mean they are there for when you are sad and don’t want to talk o someone that’s real.”

8. Comforting.

“I do things that comfort me.

I mostly just watch RuPaul’s drag race, eat food and play video games.

I honestly just ignore it and let it build up. It’s not healthy but I like it.”

9. Ways to survive.

“I’ve dealt with major depression for almost 20 years now. A few ways I survive:

1. Give my dog (who’s passed away, so now my cat) a hug. I also talk(ed) to them

2. Read. Live in that world instead of mine

3. Listen to music

4. Journal (including keeping a gratitude journal), and just go back and reread

5. Sleep, so I don’t feel anything.”

10. Very aware.

“I try not to give myself to much importance. Meaning it’s okay not to succeed or to miss work.

The world doesn’t revolves around you. You are not that important.

For me, it takes all the stress off my shoulder and I can just simply be instead of doing and having.”

11. Escape from reality.

“Reading sci-fi and fantasy adventure books, the further they are from our reality, the better.

Also working with my hands, and doing something good for others (I’m currently renovating my mom’s apartment).”

12. Whatever works for you.

“I have depression & anxiety.

I used to believe it when I was told by media in various forms and by specialists that working or volunteering in something you care about, always helps people with depression. It Doesn’t. Never believe that something Helps Everyone. I had a breakdown, then started volunteering after a while – that caused things to get worse.

How do I cope with depression? I read, if I’m reading I can mostly forget the real world, my real situation, my real future, I feel a bit better. My other coping mechanism is to sleep, even with nightmares sleep is far better than being awake.

If the anxiety worsens at the same time as the depression and becomes very, very bad I lie on my bed and look out the window. I can’t do anything else except get to the bathroom as needed. It’s like a weird paralysis.

In years past, I would cope with depression by drawing a picture daily of how my day had been. Write down 5 good things each day. Write. Just write. Thoughts, fears, worries, hopes, regrets, anything.

Lie on the lounge with my doona and a pillow while my mother did things and I would just watch and we would talk unless I was too bad, then I just observed and Mum did her things and talked to me.”

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