People Discuss Scams That Tend to Fly Under the Radar

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Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not going on.

I’m talking about SCAMS.

And whether you want to acknowledge it or not, scammers are out hunting for new victims all the time, so it’s best to be aware of what’s going on at all times so you can keep your guard up.

Because you never know when somebody might target you to be their next victim.

AskReddit talked about scams that tend to fly under the radar.

1. Wow.

“TurboTax is not helping you prepare your taxes, they have lobbyists that prevent the IRS from making a tool that does our taxes for us…

And then they sell their own version of that tool back to us Americans.”

2. Tips.

“Tips in the US.

Almost everyone wants tips now and it allows businesses to underpay their employees.

Tips are also unreliable and many are still underpaid after tips.”

3. The bright lights.

“LED light bulbs can easily last 20 years, but the light bulb companies thought they would go broke if they let that happen.

It took them a while, but they found a few ways to make them fail every few years. It’s not planned obsolescence, it’s just “engineering an acceptable lifespan into a product.””

4. Run to the hills.

“When companies use the phrase “We’re a family here”, you’re about to be overworked, underpaid and psychologically tortured.


5. I agree.

“Churches not paying taxes.

And then engaging in political activity in violation of their 501c3 charters, in theory putting themselves at risk for revoking their tax exempt status except that no one in government wants to be the one to poke that wasp’s nest.”

6. Information wars.

“More often than not, fake news organizations.

They’re not only disinforming people, but the vast majority are doing it in order to make a quick buck.”

7. Did you know this?

“Wedding rings are a huge scam.

They are stock piled in a wear house and lose most of their value the second you buy them. Also the whole wedding ring symbolize marriage was a marketing scheme by jewelry companies.

No one used wedding rings until the early 1900’s.”

8. Avoid them.

“Store credit cards.

Sure, you’ll get a sweet discount when opening an account as well as coupons to use with your card that no one without one would get.

But you’re always gonna have a bill to pay the more you use your card for the coupons, points, and the interest is extremely high compared to non-store credit cards.

I mean credit is a scam in general but store credit really takes the cake.”

9. Buy the cheap stuff.

“Buying anything but the cheap powder dish detergent or laundry detergent.

It’s the exact same ingredients just cheaper and without water added as a filler.”

10. Big upcharges.

“Unpopular opinion but I think Postmates, Grubhub and such are a scam.

The upcharge in fees is huge and they cut into profits of many restaurants.

This many not be a big deal to other chain restaurants but smaller, mom and pop restaurants definitely lose out.”

11. Don’t bag it!

“Bagging your cut grass.

That’s free fertilizer that “Big Garden” has tricked people into getting rid of so you buy their sh*t.”

12. Drink from the tap.

“Bottled water.

Unless you’re living in a place like Flint, MI your tap water is probably fine.”

13. People obsess over it.

“Credit scores.

All it proves is your a good little pawn that will willingly pay interest with a smile.

I paid off a car a few months early, lost 50 points.”

14. Getting ripped off.

“Federal Income tax.

Only about half of Americans even pay it. And the middle class bears the brunt.

Rich people avoid it with loopholes, poor people don’t have to pay, so that leaves the middle class to fund the rest.

Flat tax would smooth things out, but the wealthy will never allow it. Plus the simplification of the tax code would result in massive layoffs at the IRS, and the redundancy of thousands of paid tax preparers.

So the game will continue in perpetuity…”

15. The business of death.

“Burying your loved ones.

Most funeral homes/cemeteries are owned by a few large companies. They buy out mom and pop places and keep the names.

Your town’s 3 “independent” funeral homes are probably owned by the same company. They require ridiculous things to make you pay money. If you don’t like it, you can’t bury someone there.

Good luck trying the other places if they are all the same ownership.”

Do you know about any scams that a lot of people aren’t familiar with?

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