People Discuss the Bad Mindsets and Mentalities That They’d Like to See Go Away Forever

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Even though I think (I hope?) we as humans are evolving and becoming more accepting and more kind to each other, there are A LOT of problems in this world right now.

And a lot of them come from deeply-entrenched ideas and beliefs that people can’t see to get rid of no matter what.

What stupid and backward mindsets would you like to see go away?

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. This one right here.

“Alcoholism being romanticized.

No, it’s pretty terrible to be honest. I feel like shit today.

I want to stop drinking but I know I’m gonna drink more today.”

2. It’s okay to change your mind.

“That if I change my mind or opinion about something I’m being fake or phony.”

3. Let it go.

“That you need to stay in contact with all of your family members even though some of them are incredibly toxic.”

4. Get this shit outta here.

“My opinion is as good as your evidence.

This, or that everyone’s opinions are equally valid.

No, the guy who has a PhD and 10 years of experience in the field’s opinion is more valid than your 10 min google search.”

5. All about me.

“People who oppose good things because ‘I struggled through it and so should you!’ instead of thinking ‘good, nobody should go through that if possible.'”

6. We all need a break.

““No days off”. Sometimes you need a mental health day or a break, and people make it sound  like if you don’t work yourself into the ground you won’t be successful.

Successful people know when to recharge.

It’s an annoying mindset 🤷🏻‍♀️.”

7. A little patience.

“Expecting everything instantly.

Patience is a virtue.

You’re not going to die if you have to wait in line.”

8. Not a hoax.

“Climate change is not weather.

Just because it’s -10 degrees doesn’t mean it’s a hoax.”

9. A bunch of BS.

“If you don’t post about a tragedy or support something on social media, you are ok with it or dont support/care about said something.”

10. Sometimes, you have to let it go.

“Quitting is only for losers.

If you try something and don’t like it, why keep doing it? Why not allow yourself to switch to a better major or try a different sport or get a new job?

I mean, don’t quit everything once it gets hard, but why stay miserable for a “quitters never win” mentality? Get a job you LIKE. Do an activity you LIKE.”

11. Work/life balance.

“There is this whole work culture expectation now of always being reachable by email or text for whatever happens. A lot of places expect, and at times demand, that you be pretty much on call even when you’re not at the office anymore.

I worked at an ad agency where days off sometimes didn’t even feel like that, because I would still be getting emails about things and was expected to be checking them. I hated it.

There should be some level of balance between work and personal life and I feel like that is fading because so many places are adapting this type of culture and mentality, especially start-ups.”

12. Not a competition.

“Stop comparing traumas.

It’s not a fucking competition. Learn to have empathy and take care of each others’ mental health.”

13. People change.

“Assuming that people are not allowed to change their opinions or values over time, and judging people, famous or not, for comments made decades ago.

Yes, some people have patterns of problematic comments and behavior and should not be ignored. But it also makes sense that, for example, a politician may have learned more about abortion or healthcare or what have you and be able to change their stance.

We are not the same people at 25 and 50.”

14. Gimme my sleep!

“Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I don’t need sufficient sleep.

Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I spend all of my money recklessly and need to work overtime every weekend.

Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I don’t want to relax at home on my time off.

I hear a lot of shit at work because I work with mostly older people. I budget my money wisely and in a sense I also budget my time.

Apparently those concepts are hard to understand.”

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

Tell us about the mindsets and mentalities that you think need to end.

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