People Discuss the Best Examples They’ve Seen of “The Mandela Effect”

Certain things take hold on social media and just seem to capture the imagination of the public.

And even though the Mandela Effect has been around for a long time, it seems like it’s only in the past few years that it’s taken hold and reminded people of what this phenomenon is all about.

What’s the best example of the Mandela Effect that you know?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Still kickin’!

“This is more of a personal one but for years I believed that Bob Barker was no longer hosting the Price is Right because he was dead.

I was very surprised to find out he is still alive.

I could have sworn I had memories of seeing some kind of memorial for him somewhere and my parents talking about how sad it was that he d**d.”

2. Name, please?

“My friend and I forgot a mutual friend’s name.

Independent of one another we thought it was Mark and had been referring to him as Mark for about two months.

His name was Dan.”

3. You’re not alone…

“Barenstein / Barenstain Bears.

Always thought it was EIN. In fact, I distinctly remember studying the letters as a child and learning that letter combination and that sound BECAUSE of those books.

I would reference that in my little brain whenever the sound combination would come up again to remember how to spell it.

I am not at peace with this spelling never having had existed.”

4. A false memory?

“In the Family Guy episode “Back To The Pilot”, Stewie and Brian are exploring the Family Guy world as it was during the pilot episode. When we see the blimp crash, Brian comments, “Whoa, crash-ahoy!” A callback to his earlier line, “Whoa, a**-ahoy!”

I recall hearing the “crash-ahoy” line in the pilot before this episode aired. Every time I have seen the pilot these days, it is never there. I could have sworn I heard it in the pilot a few times after “Back To The Pilot” aired, but as far as I can tell it never even existed until “Back To The Pilot”.

I have never seen it in the pilot again. I really wonder if anyone else remembers that line, or if it’s a false memory of some sort.”

5. Nope.

“I have really good autobiographical recall and I remember when Mandela d**d in the 1980s very clearly. I remember his funeral from tv. I remember things I did and people I talked to about it.

I even remember specific thoughts I had about his death around that time, so when I heard he died literally decades later I was so confused. I couldn’t remember hearing anything about him in the intervening years, so there was no reason for me to ever think I was wrong and he was alive.

This is the one that messes with my head so much.”

6. What’s the deal?

“I remember a time where everyone hated the Star Wars prequels and saw them as totally awful or at least under mediocrity.

Now everyone thinks they’re great.

I am so confused by this still.”

7. Not ringing a bell.

“The Manilow Effect:

Barry Manilow came out in 2016 but a sizable number of people remember that already happening much sooner.”

8. A different ending?

“I vividly remember that in the movie “In Bruges”.

Colin Farrel charecter gets a head shot and d**s and the movie ends. When I watched it again few months ago, the ending was totally different.

I just couldn’t understand what happened.”

9. The curly F.

“I remember that I as a kid was thinking, wow Ford got a new logo with that curly F.

I am 100% sure that the curly F was a new thing to me at that time.

Years later I find out that there is something called the Mandela Effect.”

10. Lady Liberty.

“One of the most kind blowing ones is that the Statue of Liberty was never on Ellis Island and tourists haven’t been allowed to up to the top for over 100 years.”

11. You’ve been living a lie.

“Rod Sterling vs Rod Serling.

The Twilight Zone has been my favorite tv show forever (to the point I want a tattoo for it) and I always thought his name was Rod Sterling.

Kinda made me love the show even more when I found out that my whole life was a lie.”

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