People Discuss the Red Flags They Look For in Other Peoples’ Houses

Hmmmm….what’s that doing there…?

Have you ever said that to yourself before when you’ve been in someone else’s house because you saw something…peculiar?

We’ve all been there!

And AskReddit users talked about red flags that they look out for in other peoples’ homes.


“Mistreated/neglected animals i.e a dog constantly kept tied outside with no shelter, a cat with a super dirty litter box, or a fish with a disgusting tank.”

What’s that smell?

“The smell and the state of the toilet.

I don’t care if you’re house is messy, if you have dishes piling up.

But if it smells like animal I want to book it.”


“No soap in the bathroom.

Or watered down soap. Never water down your soap!!! It dilutes the preservatives and allows for bacterial growth.

It’s better to buy the cheapest soap you can find and use it at full strength than to dilute stronger or more expensive soap.”

That’s weird.

“Surprise sketchy unexpected and unmentioned strangers.

Reminds me of my ex’s mom.. she kept letting strangers move into her basement rent free and wouldn’t tell my ex about it. We’d drive a few hours out to stay with her for the weekend and when we’d show up there’d be some random person living in the house that even she barely knew.

She’d always say she wouldn’t do it anymore but it kept happening. I always felt so uncomfortable staying there. The worst was the last time I went, it was an older man that she met at the hospital who lived in the basement and would say really weird things. Was totally convinced he was going to m***der us.”

Run for it!

“Bleeding walls and disembodied voices saying “get out.”

Not doing that again!”


“A guy at work we all hate told my bf that he’s too lazy to go downstairs to the bathroom at night so he pees in Dr. Pepper bottles and sh**s in a bucket and the pee bottles are all over his room because he wants to see how many he can fill.”

Good one!

“I look at the books they have.

“If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t f**k ’em.” -John Waters.”

Sounds horrible.

“An entire house that has literally not been clean crawling with cockroaches, dogs and cat with fast food everywhere (I had a friend like this.)”

What a psycho.

“Years ago had a grindr date with a guy it all seemed kosher and when I showed up I had a bad feeling, couldn’t place it.

He tried to get handsy but I had to listen to that little internal voice so I decided I wanted to leave, let him know and went to use the bathroom before I went home.

Wall to wall was covered in s**t, like it was spread everywhere, on white tiles and it smelt rancid. I still wonder if I was subtly picking up the smell on my bad nose but either case I legged it out of there. I still don’t understand why or how and what signs I missed because we had talked for ages before meeting.

That is now the red flag I look for. S**t on the walls.”

Can’t be too clean…

“If things are too clean I get concerned.

Like if you don’t have a drawer in ur kitchen full of bulls**t something up. I went to someone’s house one time and it literally felt like a sterile environment, there was so much white and it just felt impossibly clean and almost uncomfortable. I didn’t want to touch a single thing.

Nobody could live like that. I don’t like slobs but there’s something about super clean houses that says serial k**ler.”

It’s gross in here.

“If the house is dirty. I don’t care about kids’ toys all over the place. I care that the dog pooped at least a week ago and no one cleaned it up.

That tells me I probably don’t want to sit on any surface or eat anything. And my clothing needs to go straight into the wash when I get home.”


“If someone’s domicile has the overwhelming aroma of air fresheners, that would be as distressing to me as, say, spoiled food or animal-mess odors.

I used to have a neighbor from Saudi Arabia (college student) and he would always burn incense before he had friends over. He told me that it was a tradition in his homeland.”

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