People Discuss the Scary Facts That Really Make Them Worry

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Some people out there are just born worriers.

They can’t help it, but the state of the world, all the things that go wrong, and all the things that MIGHT go wrong tend to keep them up at night and influence their lives in a negative way.

And, let’s be honest, there sure are a lot of terrifying things out there that could potentially keep ALL OF US up at night, if we’re being honest.

Let’s take a look at these scary facts that keep AskReddit users up at night.

1. Not a pleasant thought.

“Living alone for a long time.

I’m always worried how long my body will be discovered if I die in my sleep.”

2. Scary times.

“I’m broke and not gonna have a job in less than 3 months.

I’m in a different country all alone with no way to go home because of this bullsh*t that’s happening in the world.”

3. A lot of people are like this.

“For my anxious brain, all it takes is the fact that I know how many hours it is until I have to be up.”

4. An afterthought…

“I could be alone the rest of my life.

Never in another relationship, never with any close friends.

I could basically just be ignored, an afterthought.”

5. Sleep tight.

“About 5000 people die in their sleep every night with unknown causes.”

6. That sucks.

“I’m likely going to work full time for the next 40 years with almost zero free time.”

7. All kinds of junk.

“Every time I walk in a target or Walmart (or any store really) and look around at everything being sold I think about how it will all end up in landfills someday.

And that there are thousands of stores around the world just like it.”

8. Deep thoughts.

“When I die, I will be forgotten in a few decades unless I do something amazing or horrific.

It’s much easier to do something awful than it is to do something great.”

9. We’re all gonna die.

“The fact that, one day I’ll be old and die.

I can stay awake a few hours because of this stuff.”

10. That is a crazy, true story.

“Chernobyl only didn’t kill half the world because some guys volunteered to swim blind into boiling radioactive water and release a valve. It was a suicide mission.

They lived.”

11. Cruel world.

“While I’m on my bed feeling tired , bored or starring at the ceiling , someone somewhere is crying , sad or getting hurt.

This shows to me how cruel this world is.

Please take care people and be kind.”

12. Oh, great…

“Gamma ray bursts.

They’re pretty good at fast extermination.

One moment you’re arguing with someone.

Next moment you’re alone in space finding out about the afterlife.”

13. Not much to it…

“We live to consume.

Go to work, make money, spend that money to live and contribute to your economy, repeat.

If you’re lucky you retire around 60. If you’re real lucky, 30. If you’re REAL lucky you’re Elon Musk’s kid.”

14. What is this life?

“How is our consciousness kept throughout our life?

Like I’m me and you’re you and we can’t switch places? I’m atheist so I don’t believe in anything but- why am I in THIS body this life and not a cow or an ant or any of the multitudes of life?

Did I have a prior consciousness? Do I just exist once and in all odds blip out into nothingness forever? They would not be connected in any way and there’s no way to find out but ME this consciousness is this a one time run kinda deal??

Why do I have to be human. I wanted to be a BIRD.”

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