People Discuss the Strange and Unique Things About Their Bodies

Alright, it’s time to get personal, my friends.

Because we’re about to hear from folks about the flat-out weird things that their bodies do. Hey, we’ve all got things like this, right?

AskReddit users went on the record and talked about the very unique things about their bodies.

1. Whistlin’.

“I can whistle through my nose with my mouth closed. The sound is not much, but if it’s a quiet room especially a classroom with a strict teacher, the constant whistle seems considerable.

I’ve had many teachers search for the source of the sound in vain. One suggested it to be a gas leakage, another suggested it to be coming from someone’s mobile phone. Once in 10th grade, a teacher pointed out a boy accusing him of whistling. , he wasn’t, I was.

The boy walked up to the teacher, and I whistled again through my nose. The teacher was convinced it wasn’t my friend. God, I miss the classrooms.”

2. That’s a superpower.

“You know how when you try to open those produce bags at the grocery store, the d*mn things just won’t open and you have to lick your fingers to get the necessary grip on the plastic?

I can voluntarily cause my hands to perspire and open those bags with ease every time.”

3. Seeing things.

“I’m missing a muscle in my right eye so I can’t move my eye without seeing double or it looking in an opposite direction of my other eye 👁.”

4. Here come the sneezes.

“My son and I both have this thing where when we go out into the sunlight we both sneeze, not sure why.

We are the only people I know that this happens too.”

5. Eyes and ears.

“My eyes and ears’ nerves are connected: if my ears get cold, so do my eyes. And I don’t mean the cold slowly radiates over, it’s IMMEDIATE.

My eyes feel stuff the same moment my ears do.”

6. The cracking.

“My left ankle regularly cracks when walking, on and off. I’m talking LOUD cracks, enough to startle anyone within 10 feet when it happens.

Never caused me any pain whatsoever, ortho says it’s all okay. Just a snap crackle poppin’ ankle.”

7. Just like a dog.

“I can smell things others can’t/before they do. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve smelled someone smoking pot while driving down a highway going 70 mph and everyone else in the car always thought I was nuts until we hit some traffic.

If I know you well enough I can recognize peoples scent. My brother and our dad could never figure out how I always knew when they were in my room when I was gone.”

8. That’s odd.

“My fingers can bend backwards at ungodly angles. I can’t even point in a straight line, it curves off at about a 20⁰ angle.

Kind of like having a hitchhiker thumb for every joint.”

9. What was that?

“I sometimes have a weird singular hiccup that sounds more like a pig squeal than a hiccup, I only know right before it happens.”

10. Magnetic field.

“Obligatory not me, but my mom can wipe electronics/cards just by being near them.

She can also accidentally set off toys and type hyphens on her computer without touching the keyboard.”

11. Changing colors.

“I’ve never met anybody who does this aside my mum but my eyes can one month be blue then one month be green.”

12. Watch this…

“I can willingly dislocate my shoulder and put it back again.

Really useful if I want to impress my new class.”

13. What could it be?

“Sometimes my neck makes a weird feeling/sound. It sounds and feels like a rain stick pouring down the back of my neck.

It’s hard to describe, but I’ve searched all over the internet and never been able to find confirmation to anything explaining what it could be.”

14. You should be a comedian.

“I have a bizarre amount of control over my facial muscles. Eyebrows, nose flaring, ears, you name it.

I can twist my lips in ways I’ve never seen anyone else do and no amount of Googling has found me a name for it.”

15. Can’t stop gagging.

“I wish I could get to the bottom of why I gag constantly every time I’m uncomfortable.

When I get tired, everything is 10x worse too. Too hot? Gag. Too cold? Gag. Pants too tight? Gag. Pants too loose? Gag. Gloves dont fit well? Gag. Have to pee really bad? Gag. Ate too much? Gag. Glasses on for too long? Gag. Shoes too tight? Gag. Wearing socks while at home? Gag.

Literally anything around my neck? Gag. Wearing a face mask for more than 5 minutes? Gag. Work out too much, but still feel strong and want to push my body further? Gag.”

Okay, now it’s your turn!

Please tell us what’s unusual or just plain weird about your body.

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